THE SCREENING ROOM: Musical Numbers from This Season of "Smash," Including Bernadette Peters, Jeremy Jordan (Video)

The second season of "Smash," the Emmy Award-winning musical drama about the creation and inner workings of a Broadway musical, kicked off Feb. 5 on NBC. Here are highlights from the episodes of this season.

The second season — which has brought in low television ratings and will move to Saturday nights April 6 — introduced a slew of new characters as well as a new tone created by new series "showrunner" and executive producer Joshua Safran. Here are musical numbers and more from Season Two.

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"Reach For Me":

"Hang the Moon":

"Broadway, Here I Come!":

"The Tables Are Turning":

"Do You Like Me?":

 "If I Were a Boy":

"I Heard Your Voice in a Dream":

"(Let's Start) Tomorrow Night":

"One Door Closes, Another Opens":

"Let Me Be Your Star":

"It's Not My Fault":

"Rewrite This Story":

"Never Give All the Heart":

"A Letter from Cecile":

"Heart-Shaped Wreckage":

"This Will Be Our Year":

"A Bombshell for Bombshell":

"Some Boys":

"Caught in the Storm":

"Public Relations":

"Jerry Puts His Foot Down":

"Big Changes for Bombshell":

"Bringing the Heat":

Ivy Lynn talks with Derek Wills: