THE SCREENING ROOM: The Skivvies Los Angeles Concert, With Barrett Foa, Laura Benanti, Daisy Eagan and More (Video)

The scantily-clad music duo The Skivvies made their Los Angeles debut March 4 with special guests including Tony Award winners Laura Benanti and Daisy Eagan.

Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina
Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina

Featuring actor-musicians Lauren Molina ( Sweeney Todd, Marry Me a Little) and Nick Cearley ( All Shook Up), the Skivvies are known for their acoustic performances of pop songs, wearing nothing but their underwear. The duo and their guests play instruments ranging from the cello, ukulele, guitar and glockenspiel to the melodica.

In addition to Benanti ( Gypsy) and Eagan ( The Secret Garden), the concert at L.A.'s Rockwell Table & Stage featured Tony nominee Robin de Jesus ( In the Heights, La Cage), Leslie McDonel ( American Idiot, Hairspray), Lisa Datz ( The Full Monty, Titanic),  Barrett Foa ( Avenue Q), Kate Morgan Chadwick ( Grease), Joseph Morales ( In the Heights) and Bradley Sattler on drums.

Click here to view's Screening Room of the Skivvies recent concert at the Highline Ballroom.


"Bootylicious Freak Like Me" - Benanti with The Skivvies:

"Like A Virgin Pussycat Doll" - Eagan with The Skivvies:

"Young Medley" - The Skivvies:

"Stronger" - Foa with The Skivvies:

"Crazy" - Mcdonel with The Skivvies:

"Hardbody Hoedown" - The Skivvies:

"Animal" - Chadwick with The Skivvies:

"Lies" - Morales with The Skivvies:

"Feeling Kinda Groovy in the Heart" - The Skivvies:

"Pumped Up Kicks" - The Skivvies:

"Call Me Medley" - de Jesus with The Skivvies:

"Red Hot Chili Peppers Mash" - Datz with The Skivvies:

"Milkshake" - The Skivvies:

"We Found Love" - The Skivvies:

"Video Killed" - The Skivvies:

"Umbrella" - The Skivvies:

"I Feel the Earth Move" - The Skivvies: