THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season 2, Episode 11, or The Un-Dress Rehearsal

By Ben Rimalower
15 Apr 2013

Christian Borle
Christian Borle
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Playbill's weekly recap, with notes and comment, of the latest episode of the NBC musical drama series "Smash," about the dreamers behind Broadway musicals. Here's a look at the April 13 episode, "The Dress Rehearsal."


Well, Liza Minnelli guest-starred on "Smash" last week, what's left to watch for? I would question what's left to live for, but with "Arrested Development" coming back, I think we're all going to be okay.

Still "Smash" continues—and for Tom, this week it was a nightmare – literally, as this week's episode opens with Tom's bad dream (the proverbial actor's nightmare) that it's opening night and he's onstage naked, not knowing his lines. Ivy and the cuties from the chorus are laughing and turning away in horror, as are Eileen and Julia and the gang, but he just stands there nude, exposed, vulnerable.

He wakes up relieved to find himself safely at home in bed, but faster than he can voice activate, "Siri, take a note. We need nudity in Bombshell," he rolls over to see his ex-assistant, the traitor Ellis, naked in bed with him.


But wait, that was one of those play-within-a-play dreams, so now he wakes for real and everything's okay. He even gets the reassurance from Julia that opening night is still weeks away, although that comfort quickly turns cold with the addendum that the invited dress rehearsal (the "gypsy run-through," when all the chorus dancers, or gypsies, from other shows are invited) is today!

Of course, Julia's nervous, too. It's her show as well, even if she has been spending most of her time downtown at Manhattan Theater Workshop. It's just that those boys need help with structure, and she really owes it to the artistic director to see that Hit List lives up to its name (the first part). But, no, her top priority is Bombshell and seeing that it does not live up to its name (first part). Julia tells Kyle she will come to the Hit List run-through tomorrow, if and only if the Bombshell gypsy run-through goes well.

It does not. The panels don't open for Marilyn at the top of the show and the intermission is 45 minutes long because they can't get the plane onstage for the top of act two and there's some trouble with the fog machine, AND Ivy has a wardrobe malfunction in the scene with JFK which leaves her naked as a jay-bird onstage.


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