"World, Take Me Back": 12 Musicals Due for a Broadway Revival

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02 Aug 2014

Playbill.com correspondent Ben Rimalower shares his wish list of Broadway musicals that deserve a revival.

People are always complaining about the scarcity of new musicals, particularly good new musicals, and how Broadway is overrun with revivals, or that producers stick to the tried and true, rather than taking risks with new work—and that is all valid. Another perspective, though, is to look at musical theatre like any performance field—opera, ballet or classical theatre for example—where the great  works are revisited again and again. Surely, Porgy and Bess or Gypsy is worthy of such exposure. And what about other musicals? Well, it's a matter of opinion. What's strange is, despite all the revivals, how many great musicals have yet to be revived.

Click through to read my selections for the Top 12 Musicals Due For Revival.


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