April 20, 2014

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AOL Members Please Read!
We have recently heard from many AOL members that they are not able to access our chat with the Java or Java Light clients using the built-in AOL browser. To use our chat room with the AOL browser you MUST use the HTML client. If you wish to use the Java or Java Light clients please download a copy of Netscape (www.netscape.com) and use this as your browser rather than the AOL browser. After installing Netscape you will need to dial AOL. Once connected, simply minimize AOL and launch your netscape browser and enter our chat as you regularly do.

Policy Update
We have recently had complaints from several members of the chat rooms of inappropriate behaviour. Please understand that this will not be tolerated and, if necessary, the appropriate authorities will be brought in to deal with the problem. Please report any inappropriate behaviour to webmaster@playbill.com.

Please Note: If you need technical assistance with our message boards or chat you can receive it by going to:

eShare Technical Support Message Boards

This is the only way to receive technical support for our chat and message boards.

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