August 22, 2014

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Playbill Interactive Quizzes
Below are some fun and entertaining quizzes for you from the sharp staff at Take one today!

  Don't Forget the Lyrics
Could you be on a reality show of Broadway lyrics? (6 questions)
28 Feb 2008  
  Sunday in the Park with George Quiz
In honor of the 2008 Broadway revival's opening... (6 questions)
21 Feb 2008  
  Valentine's Day Quiz
For Valentine's Day, see if you can answer these questions about Broadway love... (6 questions)
03 Feb 2008  
  Scene Stealers
Over a decade before she entered our collective “Memory” as the Tony-winning Grizabella in Cats, Betty Buckley was already stopping shows. As Martha Jefferson in 1776, she wowed audiences as she wrapped her beautiful, powerful tones around “He Plays the Violin.” Buckley is just one of the multi-talented scene stealers The Great White Way has produced—actors who inhabit a character and a song so completely and with such originality that it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing that role. Twelve such scene stealers, all forever a part of Broadway history, are featured on each of the new Masterworks Broadway/Playbill Editors’ Choice CD releases, "Scene Stealers: The Women" and "Scene Stealers: The Men." Some of these talented performers are pictured below. Can you name them? For more information about the new "Scene Stealers" recordings, visit (4 questions)
29 Mar 2007  
  Tony, Tony, Tony...
Tony Trivia (6 questions)
01 Jan 2007  
  The Fall Season 2006
How well do YOU know the fall season? (6 questions)
15 Nov 2006  
  Cole Porter Quiz
How well do you know Cole Porter (who died 42 years ago today)? (6 questions)
15 Oct 2006  
  Annie Get Your Gun Trivia
In honor of Annie Oakley's birthday on the 13th (1860), here's a quiz on Annie Get Your Gun! (6 questions)
01 Aug 2006  
  Summertime, and the living is easy...
Let's see how well you know these show songs about SUMMER! (6 questions)
01 Jul 2006  
  2005-2006 season in review
As the season closes, let's look at the theatre year in review... (7 questions)
01 May 2006  
  Pulitzer Prize Winning Musicals
Only 7 musicals have ever won a Pulitzer Prize... let's see how well you know them! (7 questions)
01 Apr 2006  
  The Ultimate Stephen Sondheim Quiz
In honor of Sondheim's birthday on the 22nd... (6 questions)
01 Mar 2006  
  The Ultimate Bernadette Peters Quiz
In honor of Bernadette's birthday at the end of the month, here's a quiz all about her! (10 questions)
01 Feb 2006  
  A New Year Calls Across the Ocean
For the new year, let's see how many of the "new" composers you know! (6 questions)
01 Jan 2006  
  Tis the Season
How well do you know Broadway holiday songs? (6 questions)
01 Dec 2005  
  It's Turkey Lurkey Time
Let's be thankful for legends. Let's see how well you know their performance histories! (6 questions)
01 Nov 2005  
  Broadway and Hollywood
Let's look at some of Hollywood's best (and worst) movie musicals. (6 questions)
06 Oct 2005  
  The 2005-2006 Broadway Season
How well do you know the Great White Way's newest shows? (8 questions)
04 Sep 2005  
  Quiz: The Musical!
A look at musicals that insist on calling themselves musicals in their titles. (4 questions)
26 Aug 2005  
  The "Rent" Movie Quiz
"Rent" will open nationwide on November 23, 2005. How much do you already know about the movie-musical? (8 questions)
11 Aug 2005  

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