George Street Playhouse 2019-20 Season - NYC EPA

George Street Playhouse 2019-20 Season - NYC EPA

CATEGORY: Performer

George Street Playhouse
New Brunswick, NJ

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Call Type: EPA

LORT Non-Rep
LORT D; $696/week min

Artistic Director: David Saint
Scott Goldman, General Manager (in attendance)

Season runs October 15, 2019 - May 17, 2020

EPA Procedures are in effect for this audition.

An Equity Monitor will be provided.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity actors and actor/singers for various roles in the 2019-20 season. See breakdown.


George Street Playhouse 19-20 Season

Book and lyrics by Steve Kluger,
adapted from his novel
Music by Jason Howland
Directed and Musical Staging by Jeff Calhoun
1st rehearsal 9/20/2019
Opening 10/25/2019
Closing 11/10/2019

JOE MARGOLIS, 48—Firm but soft-spoken and a terrific father—but he’s harboring a lot of grief that he refuses to deal with."

CHUCKY MARGOLIS, 12—A shrewd kid who aspires to be a Jedi knight. He may be only 12, but he knows his father better than his father does.

JOEY MARGOLIS Twelve years old, Jewish, intelligent and fearless—despite the fact that he and his best friend are the neighborhood punching bags for the bullies who live in the vicinity. Joey is also tough and tenacious: when he sets his mind to something, it gets done—no matter how improbable that might seem.

CHARLIE BANKS The third baseman for the New York Giants and a rough and tough bruiser from Racine, Wisconsin, who’s free with his fists (“whenever anybody gives me lip or such other good reasons”), he’s a softy at heart. We get a sense early on that he’s been through a lot more in 25 years than most other people have had to endure in a lifetime.

HAZEL MacKAY Brainy, beautiful, and a terrific singer, Hazel takes no crap from anybody, but she does so in such a beguiling way that you have no idea what you’re up against. Her unwavering confidence in herself allows her to wear her heart on her sleeve without any fear that it’s going to be damaged.

CRAIG NAKAMURA Twelve years old and Joey’s best friend, Craig’s Japanese American heritage makes him more of a visible target than Joey is, but he doesn’t let it get in his way—mostly because he thinks he’s the Green Hornet. Fiercely loyal and the only one in Joey’s life who can rein him in, his unshakable faith in Joey makes Craig the prototypical best buddy.

IDA MARGOLIS Joey’s mom is laid back to the point of being an omniscient observer— until you cross somebody in whom she believes. Then watch out. She has no patience for prejudice of any stripe; her pride in her Jewish heritage and her comfort in her own skin allows her to treat everyone exactly the same.

AUNT CARRIE On the other hand, there’s Aunt Carrie. Far more forcefully Jewish than Ida (in a room full of police officers, she’ll only speak to Sgt. Greenberg), she’s sharp and opinionated, and it takes a lot of effort to break through her armor—but once that’s been accomplished, her devotion is unassailable.

RABBI LIEBERMAN While probably not the most patient man who ever lived, he’s nonetheless deeply pious and committed to caring for those in his charge. Like Aunt Carrie, he isn’t an easy person to get to know—until you get to know him.

STUKE If he isn’t left-handed, he ought to be—because he’s got an oddball way of looking at things that’s unique to most lefties. A second baseman by trade but a philosopher at heart, he’s naturally drawn to unusual people, especially those who have a lot of moxie. A calming influence on even the most intractable of his friends, he’s a Xanax in human form.

RACHEL PANITZ She’s thirteen years old, utterly appealing in a stubborn and high maintenance way, and she’s got a full-time job on her hands trying to hide the fact that she finds Joey unbearably cute. She even almost succeeds.

GORDON BIERMAN Your typical neighborhood punk. Dark-haired and German, he’s ruthless with kids who are weaker than he is—unless a world-famous baseball player happens to talk him out of that particular endeavor. But once he’s on the right track, he’s not entirely incapable of turning into one of the good guys.


by Chris Bohjalian
directed by Sheryl Kaller
1st rehearsal 12/23/19
Opening 1/24/20
Closing 2/16/20

Sibyl Danforth - late 40s, a midwife

Connie Danforth - Sibyl’s teenage daughter - THIS ROLE IS CAST

Anne Austin - mid 20s, a midwife apprentice

Charlotte Fugett Bedford - 30s African American female, petite

Asa Bedford - late 30s, African-American male

Stephen Hastings - mid 30s, a lawyer

Bill Tanner - mid 40s, a lawyer

Judge Howard Dorset mid-50s, male

Rand Danforth- late-40s, male

Dr. Terry Tierney - mid-50s, chief medical officer for the State of Vt.


By Joe DiPietro
directed by David Saint
1st rehearsal 2/04/2020
Opening 3/06/2020
Closing 3/29/2020

MARGARET CHASE SMITH -- 50's. The junior Senator from Maine. No nonsense with a firm elegance and a caustic wit. A committed moderate, forever independent.

SENATOR JOE McCARTHY - Early 40's. The junior Senator from Wisconsin. Loud, crass, reckless, unmannered, unmarried and very, very effective.

WILLIAM LEWIS JR. -- mid- 30's. Senator Chase's executive assistant and her right hand. Thin and handsome, bright and educated, impeccably dressed. He knows the ins and outs of Washington.

JEAN KERR - early 20's. A young acolyte of McCarthy's. Bright and educated and fiercely loyal. She has grown accustomed to being underestimated.

book by Pamela Gray and
music & lyrics by Paul Scott Goodman,
based on the critically acclaimed motion picture of the same title by Pamela Gray.
choreography by Josh Prince
directed by Sheryl Kaller
1st rehearsal on or about 3/24/2020
Opening 5/1/2020
Closing 5/17/2020

PEARL KANTROWITZ. Female. 31. Our protagonist. A natural beauty who doesn’t know it. Intelligent, strong, curious; 31 going on 17. Was a teenage mother who now yearns for her adolescence; feels like an outsider, even to her own life. Trying to cling to her old self, but loses the battle when she meets Walker. Mezzo soprano.

MARTY KANTROWITZ. Male. 32. Pearl’s husband. Good-looking but "square." A loveable mensch who’ll do anything for his family. Funny, street-smart, turned off by (scared of) the 1960’s. Hardworking TV repairman who hates his job. Tenor/Baritone...a crooner with rock and roll chops.

ALISON KANTROWITZ. Female. Adult actor to play 14. Pearl and Marty’s daughter. A pissed-off 14 going on 17. Strong-willed, rebellious, politically unsophisticated but fervent. Went from Daddy’s little girl to Mommy’s nightmare in the past year. Her vulnerable side comes out with Ross, her first love. Rocker with an edgy, gritty voice.

LILLIAN ("BUBBIE") KANTROWITZ. Female. 50. Marty’s outspoken psychic mother. 1st generation American, some Yiddishkeit, but a very un-bubbie bubbie, adept with both Tarot and canasta cards. Was reading astrology charts long before the Age of Aquarius. Fiercely loyal to Marty, yet understands Pearl’s turmoil.

DANNY KANTROWITZ. Male. 6. Pearl and Marty’s son. Loves his cap guns and cowboy hat, amphibians, bad words, and teasing his big sister. Sweet with his Mommy but Daddy’s his hero.

WALKER JEROME. Male. 30’s. Masculine, handsome, sexy; a (non-cliché) hippie who can quote Walt Whitman and Abby Hoffman. Mellow, independent, a free-spirit and dreamer; worldly but still hasn’t escaped his small town. Intuits what Pearl needs; not as aware of what he needs from her. Covering his grief over his kid brother who’s MIA in Vietnam. Tenor/Baritone similar to Jackson Browne, Stephen Sills and Neil Young.

ROSS EPSTEIN. Male. 16. An aspiring songwriter-guitarist who’s still a nice Jewish boy. Smitten with Alison but a little afraid of her; shares her 60’s ideals and politics but not her rage. On the cusp of losing his virginity but won’t until after this summer. A young Bob Dylan.

MYRA NAIDELL. Female. 14-15. An Orthodox girl; naïve but not a pushover; a smart bookworm; Alison’s new summer friend, and ready to be corrupted. Strong rock/folk voice.

RHODA LEIBERMAN. Female. 28-31. Pearl’s sexy and wise-cracking best friend. Upbeat, funny, but covering her grief over infertility. One of the "Mah Jongg Girls." Strong rock/folk voice.

NEIL LEIBERMAN. Male. 30-35. Rhoda’s husband and Marty’s best buddy. One of the working-stiff guys/pinochle players. Adores Rhoda but clueless about her inner life. Strong rock/folk voice.

BUNNY GELFAND. Female. Late 20’s-early 30’s. One of the "Mah Jongg Girls." Sarcastic, cynical, zaftig, a compulsive eater perpetually about to start a diet. Mother of 3 chubby young kids. Jokes about her husband Irv, but can’t live without him. Strong rock/folk voice.

IRV GELFAND. Male. 35ish. Bunny’s husband. One of the working-stiff guys/pinochle players. Overweight owner of "Irv’s Delicatessen." Jokes about Bunny, but can’t live without her. Strong baritone rock/folk voice.

ELEANOR APPLEBAUM. Female. 35ish. One of the "Mah Jongg Girls." Mother of two pre-teen boys. Uptight, opinionated, judgmental, terrified of the 1960’s. Least likely to join a CR group in the future. Strong rock/folk voice

STANLEY APPLEBAUM. Male. 36ish. Eleanor’s husband. One of the working-stiff guys/pinochle players. Mild-mannered accountant who just goes quiet when Eleanor kvetches...will double as the COMEDIAN. Male. 50-60. Borscht Belt comedian who’s never gone beyond the bungalow colony circuit and never will. Strong rock/folk voice..




Audition Information


Actors' Equity New York Audition Center
165 W 46th St
16th Fl
New York, NY 10036

Thursday, May 30, 2019
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Lunch 1 to 2


Prepare EITHER
1) a brief contemporary musical theater or pop /folk song; OR
2) 16 bars and a 1 minute contemporary monologue; OR
3) a 2-minute contemporary monologue.
Bring picture and resume. Total audition time not to exceed 2 minutes.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult


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