Guggenheim Entertainment 2020 Season - San Jose EPA

Guggenheim Entertainment 2020 Season - San Jose EPA

CATEGORY: Performer

Guggenheim Entertainment
San Jose, CA

Job Details


Call Type: EPA

Minimum - $392/wk

Scott Guggenheim, Director.; Stephen Guggenheim, Musical Director; Shannon Guggenheim, Choreographer

"The Fantasticks" (Musical) | Performances: January 30-March 1, 2020
Tom McEnery’s "The Statue for Ballybunion" (Play, New Work) | Performances: March 17-22, 2020
"Schoolhouse Rock Live!" (Musical) | Performances: April 2-May 3, 2020
"Sunday in the Park with George" (Musical) | Performances: July 9 - August 9, 2020
"Assassins" (Musical) | Performances: October 1-October 25, 2020

Downtown San Jose is now home to 3Below, a newly reimagined performing arts venue in which live professional musicals, film, comedy, and music events are presented. Guggenheim Entertainment, Inc (a theatrical production company serving California since 1990) operates the venue and is seeking triple threat performers for a season of professional musicals and plays at 3Below in 2020.

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

For the following paid performing opportunities at 3Below Theaters in downtown San Jose, Guggenheim Entertainment is seeking:
- adult artists of all ages and ethnicities
- strong, experienced singers who act and dance/move well for 4 musicals
- strong, experienced actors for 1 play
- excellent singers/performers with an interest in presenting at year round Cabaret Night series


The Fantasticks

Gallo (Male, High Baritone) As the narrator of the piece, he is the liaison between the audience and the action onstage. Grand and must command attention.

Matt (Male, Baritone) His image of a young man in love is one of a gallant protector, meaning that he approaches some decisions with a falsified bravery that is little more than bravado.

Luisa (Female, Legit Soprano) Her dreams are more fanciful than those of Matt. Because of her particular vision of romance, she deals with the world on a particularly naive level.

Hucklebee and Bellomy (Males, Baritone) Strong, comedic parents of Matt and Luisa.

Henry and Mortimer (Males) Foolish comic actors who move the action while not seeming to contribute anything of substance. As performers their day has long past. Henry can play grand characters and recite Shakespeare, but with very little success these days. May be asked to speak in an English accent. Mortimer’s specialty is dying on stage in the manner of great adventures and melodramas. May be asked to speak in a cockney accent. Henry and Mortimer function as a unit and rarely appear apart from each other. They are entirely theatrical and theirs is the world of the stage.

The Mute (Male or Female) The Mute serves many functions—setting props as characters need them, assisting El Gallo, and becoming the wall separating the families. While omnipresent the character must also have the ability to fade into the background. This is a functional character that sometimes interacts with the others.

Tom McEnery’s The Statue for Ballybunion

Jackie, 50-60's, owner of the Pub, sees the beginning and the end

Austin, 40’s ex-footballer, Ballybunion till the end

Hannah, 50’s, seen it all, sees it all

Seamus, 40-50's, Jackie’s acolyte

Tommy, 60’s, knows it all (ultimately)

Jim O'Connor, 30’s, American (through and through)

Kate, Jackie’s daughter, works at the Pub, for now...

Mulcahy, 50-60's, Pub regular and pontificate

Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Small cast of six leading players handling specific character tracks:

Female Track 1 Unpack Your Adjectives / Figure Eight / Interplanet Janet

Female Track 2 Noun / The Preamble / Elbow Room

Female Track 3 Mother Necessity / Sufferin' Til Suffrage / Interjections

Male Track 1 Three Is A Magic Number / Gravity / My Hero, Zero / I'm Just A Bill

Male Track 2 Fives / Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla / Conjunction Junction

Male Track 3 The Teacher (participates in all numbers and serves as throughline)

Sunday in the Park with George

GEORGE SEURAT: Act 1: An artist obsessed with his work at the cost of his personal life. Act 2: Seurat’s burnt-out descendant and inventor-sculptor searching for his purpose. Vocal range: Ab4 – G#2. Tenor.

DOT / MARIE: [DOT] - George’s headstrong, discontent mistress and occasional model. [MARIE] - George’s elderly wheelchair-bound grandmother. Vocal range: D5 – E3. Mezzo-Soprano.

OLD LADY / BLAIR DANIELS: [OLD LADY] - George’s mother. A cranky and rather demanding fixture in the park. Finds solace in nostalgia. [BLAIR DANIELS] - an art critic. Vocal range: Eb5 – F#3. Mezzo-Soprano.

NURSE / MRS./ HARRIET PAWLING: [NURSE] - The Old Lady’s attendant. Calming and assertive. [MRS.] - part of an American couple, married to Mr. [HARRIET PAWLING] - a patron of the arts. Vocal range: F4 – G3. Mezzo-Soprano.

JULES / BOB GREENBERG: [JULES] - a rival artist. Callous, critical, shallow. Pursues his cook Frieda. [BOB GREENBERG] - a museum director. Vocal range: F4 – G2. Baritone.

YVONNE / NAOMI EISEN: [YVONNE] - Jules’ pampered wife. Snippy and snooty. [NAOMI EISEN] - a composer. Vocal range: Eb5 – E3. Mezzo-Soprano.

BOATMAN / DENNIS: [BOATMAN] - A surly blue-collared laborer. Simple-minded and slovenly. [DENNIS] - a technician. Vocal range: Eb4 – Eb2. Baritone.

FRANZ / LEE RANDOLPH: [FRANZ] - Jules’ disgruntled coachman and Frieda’s husband. Yearns for the Nurse. [LEE RANDOLPH] - the museum’s publicist. Vocal range: G4 – B2. Baritone.

FRIEDA / YOUNG MAN/ BETTY: [FRIEDA] - Jules and Yvonne’s cook and Franz’s wife. Caring, positive surrogate nanny to Louise. Pursued by Jules. [YOUNG MAN] and [BETTY] - an artist. Vocal range: F5 – G3. Soprano.

SOLDIER / ALEX: [SOLDIER] - A French military man. Polite and a gentleman. [ALEX] - an artist. Vocal range: F4 – A2. Baritone.

MR. / CHARLES REDMOND: [MR] - Part of an American couple, married to Mrs. [CHARLES REDMOND] - a visiting curator. Vocal range: D#4 – Eb2. Baritone.

LOUIS / MAN/ BILLY WEBSTER: [LOUIS] - A baker. Kind, friendly, and very popular, but a bit dull. [MAN] and [BILLY WEBSTER] - Harriet’s friend. Vocal range: A4 – B2. Baritone.

CELESTE #1 / ELAINE: [CELESTE #1] - A young, gossipy, flirtatious shopgirl. [ELAINE] - George’s former wife. Vocal range: G5 – A3. Soprano.

CELESTE #2 / A PHOTOGRAPHER: [CELESTE #2] - Another young, gossipy, flirtatious shopgirl. And [A PHOTOGRAPHER]. Vocal range: Eb5 – G3. Soprano


The Balladeer — Tenor C3-G4. Male. Ability to play guitar a plus. The Balladeer is the conscience of America and the champion of the American Dream. He acts as a foil against the assassins and their warped perspectives and actions. AND John Hinckley — Baritone A2-G4. Actor is early-20s to 30; blond and husky; ability to play guitar a plus. Hinckley used a sociopathic obsession with Jodie Foster as his excuse to attempt an assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981. Hinckley’s clinical insanity and love-sickness add dramatic weight to this character. His pivotal scene is a duet with Squeaky Fromme.

The Proprietor — Tenor Gb2-F4. Actor is male, 30s or older. The Proprietor is the Grim Reaper, handing out weapons and overseeing the demise of presidents and assassins alike. His power is in his omnipresence and indifference; his characterization requires both dramatic irony and restrained wit.

John Wilkes Booth — Baritone F2-G4. Actor is mid-20s to 40; tall and distinguished; character will need a genteel Southern accent. A political zealot, “Wilkes” is the pioneer of American assassination and acts as leader and twisted mentor to the other assassins. “The Ballad of Booth” and his seduction of Lee Harvey Oswald are two of his pivotal scenes.

Leon Czolgosz (pronounced “CHOL-gash”) — Bass Baritone G#2-G4. Actor is mid-20s to mid-30s; slight of build. Czolgosz was an anarchist who, in killing William McKinley, decided to take matters of government into his own hands for the sake of the common man. Important scenes include “The Gun Song” and the meeting with Emma Goldman.

Guiseppe Zangara — Tenor B2-A4. Actor is mid-20s to 40; a short actor is preferred but not required; MUST use a heavy Italian accent for this character. Zangara blamed capitalists and “kings” for his medical conditions and attempted an assassination of Franklin D. Roosevelt—instead killing Mayor Cermak of Chicago. Zangara has a solo on the electric chair in “How I Saved Roosevelt.”

Sara Jane Moore — Soprano F3-Eb5. Actress is middle-aged and frumpy. Moore, a former FBI informant five times married, nearly assassinated Gerald Ford in 1975 — the second such attempt on his life in three weeks. Moore provides much of the comic relief in the show !and requires an actress with good comic timing.

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme — Mezzo A3-G5. Actress is mid-20s to mid-30s; slender and pretty. Fromme, a flower child and member of Charlie Manson’s cult “family,” attempted an assassination of Gerald Ford in 1975. She is the lunatic foil to Sara Jane Moore’s airheadedness in several scenes and sings a duet with John Hinckley.

Charles J. Guiteau — Tenor A2-Ab4. Actor is 30s to 50s; average in stature; a beard would be helpful but not required. Guiteau was a multi-careered charlatan with delusions of grandeur who assassinated James Garfield in 1882. This intense libertine requires a multi-personality characterization and a flair for the dramatic. His key scene involves a cakewalk to the gallows.

Samuel Byck — Actor is 30s to 50s; heavy set; blue-collar Philly accent required. Byck was disgruntled at government and all it stood for when he attempted to hijack a plane with the intent of crashing it into the Nixon White House. A small vocal role, it requires an actor capable of presenting two dramatic, !page-and- a-half monologues. For Byck, please choose from the excerpt that fits your vocal range (tenor, baritone, or bass-baritone).

Lee Harvey Oswald —Actor is mid-20s to mid-30s; slight to average build; rural Louisiana twang required. Oswald sings in the closing number and requires the dramatic capacity to spar with John Wilkes Booth in the pivotal Book Depository scene. For Oswald, please choose from the excerpt that fits your vocal range (tenor, baritone, bass-baritone).

Contact: to submit resume and headshot and schedule an appointment.



Audition Information


288 S 2nd Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Theatre 3

Monday, December 9, 2019
11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Breaks: 2:00PM - 3:00PM, 6:00PM - 7:00PM


Prepare 32 bars of song (any style) in your key with sheet music (not a cappella). Piano accompanist will be provided. Prepare 1 minute monologue

Minors must be accompanied by an adult


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