Open Call for Arena Stage and Signature Theatre's 2018-19 Seasons


Open Call for Arena Stage and Signature Theatre's 2018-19 Seasons

Arena Stage and Signature Theatre
Arlington, VA 22206

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Open Call for Arena Stage and Signature Theatre's 2018-19 Seasons


Arena Stage and Signature Theatre will be holding joint auditions on March 16, 2018, at Signature Theatre for their upcoming 2018-19 seasons.


Seeking Non-AEA Performers. AEA actors are welcome at these auditions but this is an Open call.  Please note: EPA Auditions have previously been announced. 

Friday March 16, 2018


Signature Theatre

4200 Campbell Avenue

Arlington, VA. 22206

2nd floor lobby

Call Type:  2018-19 Full Season Arena Stage and Signature Theatre Open Auditions 

Location:  Signature Theatre, 4200 Campbell Avenue Arlington VA 22206.  Please report to the 2nd floor lobby. 

Preparation:  Please prepare a short monologue or a short song, OR a one-minute monologue and 16 bars of a song. Auditions may not exceed 2 minutes.  Accompanist will be provided. Please bring two copies of your headshot and resume stapled together. AEA performers are welcome but this is an Open Call.



Kelly Crandall d’Amboise, Resident Casting Director, Signature Theatre

Victor Vazquez, Resident Casting Director, Arena Stage



A monitor will not be provided.  The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Signature Theatre and Arena Stage encourage performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Appointments:  No advanced appointments. 


Season Breakdowns: 




Based on the Warner Bros. motion picture written by Gary Ross

By special arrangement with Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures, Doshudo Productions and Larger Than Life


Music by Tom Kitt

Lyrics by Nell Benjamin

Book by Thomas Meehan and Nell Benjamin

Producer: Mark Shacket

Directed by Tina Landau

1st rehearsal: June 12, 2018

1st preview: July 13, 2018

Open: July 26, 2018

Close: August 19, 2018


From a Tony and Pulitzer Prize award-winning creative team comes the world-premiere musical comedy Dave, adapted from the Oscar-nominated film. Dave tells the story of high school teacher (and presidential lookalike) Dave Kovic, who is hired by the Secret Service as a stand-in for the Commander-in-Chief. When the President falls ill under less than “presidential” circumstances, Dave is thrust into the Oval Office to avoid a national scandal and must find a way to gain the trust and love of the American people…and the First Lady.


DAVE KOVIC/PRESIDENT BILL MITCHELL: (40s-50s, any ethnicity) Bill is the cocky 2nd term President of the United States, who has lost his soul to politics.  A charismatic operator who has traded his dreams for power, he now despises the voters he keeps conning. Smart, slick, persuasive.  Dave, Bill’s exact lookalike, is his exact opposite in character. He's a down-on-his luck teacher who, in spite of his troubles, has maintained his optimism, hope for a better life and a passion for America and American history (Lincoln in particular). Dave is funny, warm, buoyant, and open-hearted. Looking for a strong leading man with a comedic sensibility, loads of charm. Very strong bari/tenor who feels comfortable to a high A.  Comfort in a wide range of styles.  Strong mix and belt. PRINCIPAL.

ELLEN MITCHELL: (40s-early 50s, any ethnicity) First Lady of the United States. Formidable and smart. She projects enormous strength, and her stature and intelligence make her intimidating to many.  Although she and her husband have succeeded politically, their dreams and their marriage have died. She tries never to lose her composure, so when she does, it’s huge. Her tough exterior conceals a more vulnerable interior. Alto/Soprano - Strong belt with soprano range as well. PRINCIPAL.

DUANE BOLDEN: (30s-40s, any ethnicity) Secret Service Agent.  A man of few words who projects enormous strength.  He’s used to seeing things you can’t imagine and not talking about them.  It takes a lot to get through his official persona, but underneath is a man who wanted to serve his country with honor and is disgusted by the dysfunction in the system.  Bari/Tenor, comfortable with Pop/R&B and traditional theatrical styles. PRINCIPAL.

BOB ALEXANDER: (Mid 40s-60s, any ethnicity) White House Chief of Staff and the power behind Bill Mitchell’s throne. Bob is an expert manipulator who also has a red-hot temper.  He’s shrewd, nimble, and possesses a wit to match his edge.  The former head of the CIA with a dark and dangerous streak.  He’s a wealthy Reagan Republican type who doesn’t believe government can help people who can’t help themselves. Baritone - great comic and showbiz sensibilities necessary in his songs. PRINCIPAL

SUSAN LEE: (Late 30s-40s, any ethnicity) Susan is director of White House communications, with more ambition than morals.  She’s a high-power, high-efficiency woman who is not afraid to be aggressive. Though she works for Bob, she meets him as an equal.  She responds quickly and aggressively to the press with double-talk, counterattacks and all the tools of PR.  Any ethnicity. Alto/Soprano - Strong belt with high soprano range. PRINCIPAL.


We are looking to create an ensemble of performers of varying ages and ethnicities that play a variety of characters throughout.  Must be credible as Washington Politicians and News Anchors, and must also be transformational enough to play characters ranging in age from high school students to seniors in elderly care.  Must be very strong singers, flexible and engaging actors. From this ensemble will come many roles including, as examples:

MALE ENSEMBLE SINGERS: (Males, 30’s-50’s, any ethnicity) Must be fantastic contemporary musical theatre singers to play a variety of characters (i.e., Capitol Hill staffers, politicians, etc). Must have excellent comedic chops. ENSEMBLE.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE SINGERS: (Females, 30’s-50’s, any ethnicity) Must be fantastic contemporary musical theatre singers to play a variety of characters (i.e., Capitol Hill staffers, politicians, etc). Must have excellent comedic chops. ENSEMBLE.

VICE PRESIDENT GARY NANCE: (Male, 40’s-60’s, any ethnicity) Derided by some as a “boy scout,” he is honorable, dutiful, and doesn’t drink or swear.  FEATURED ENSEMBLE.

MURRAY: (Male, 40’s, any ethnicity) Principal of Colesville High School and Dave’s best friend. Cynical about politics and slightly beaten down by his job, he’s nonetheless doing his best. FEATURED ENSEMBLE.

MONTANA JEFFERSON: (Female, 20’s-30’s) A Disney Channel Star, young and sparkly, who must be able to wail on the National Anthem. FEATURED ENSEMBLE.

MRS. SMIT: (Female, 40’s-70’s) An older resident of an assisted living facility; funny and dry. FEATURED ENSEMBLE.

TOUR GUIDE: (Female, 30’s, any ethnicity) A chirpy and cheery uniformed employee of the White House. FEATURED ENSEMBLE.



In association with John Legend, Get Lifted Film Company, Mike Jackson, The Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, Beth Hubbard, The Private Theatre, Eric Falkenstein, SimonSays Entertainment, Jamie Cesa and Jana Babatunde-Bey


By Gretchen Law

1st rehearsal: TBD

1st preview: September 6, 2018

Open: September 13, 2018

Close: October 14, 2018


This intimate and no-holds barred drama chronicles Dick Gregory’s rise as the first Black comedian to expose audiences to racial comedy. His comedy spared no one including politicians, celebrities and the white supremacists who were part of his regular audience. In confronting bigotry head-on with biting humor and charm, Gregory turned his activism into an art form, risking his own safety at each performance. “Scorchingly funny and brilliant” (New York Times), Turn Me Loose is an exuberant and raw tribute to Gregory’s life as a civil rights activist, comic genius and unapologetic provocateur.



DICK GREGORY: (29-80, Male, African-American) Acclaimed African American comedian, author, nutritionist, mayoral and presidential candidates and civil rights activist.




Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

Original book by Guy Bolton & P.G. Wodehouse and Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse

New book by Timothy Crouse & John Weidman

Directed by Molly Smith

Choreographed by Parker Esse

Music Direction by Paul Sportelli

1st rehearsal: October 2, 2018

1st preview: November 2, 2018

Open: November 14, 2018

Close: December 23, 2018


The SS American has set sail from NY to London. Aboard, the lovelorn Billy has stowed away on a mission to stop the marriage of his mystery muse, countess Hope Harcourt, to the millionaire Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Now, it is up to Billy, with the help of showgirls, sailors, and public enemy #13, to find, woo and win back his true love. Unlikely alliances arise as mischief and mayhem ensue in this madcap musical by beloved composer and Tony Award winner Cole Porter. It’s the perfect night out at the theater — contagiously fun and pure “musical comedy joy!” (New York Times)



RENO SWEENEY: (20-40s, any ethnicity) An evangelist turned nightclub singer. Old friend of Billy’s. Strong tap-dancing required.

HOPE HARCOURT: (20-40s, any ethnicity) A beautiful debutante. Has Billy’s affection. Strong movement required.

LORD EVELYN OAKLEIGH: (20s-40s, any ethnicity) A wealthy Englishman. Hope’s fiancé. Strong movement required.

BILLY CROCKER: (20s-40s, any ethnicity) A young Wall Street broker in love with Hope. Whitney’s assistant. Strong dancing required.

MOONFACE MARTIN: (30s-50s, any ethnicity) A hapless gangster fleeing the law by pretending to be a priest. He is “Public Enemy Number 13”. Movement required.

EVANGELINE HARCOURT: (40s-60s, any ethnicity) Hope’s mother, a widow.

ELISHA WHITNEY: (30s-40s, any ethnicity) Ivy league Wall Street banker, Billy’s boss, a tycoon.

ENSEMBLE: (20s-50s, Male, Female, GNC, any ethnicity) Strong dancing required.



By Paula Vogel

Directed by Eric Rosen

Co-production with Baltimore Center Stage and Kansas City Repertory

Arena 1st rehearsal: October 23, 2018

Arena 1st preview: November 23, 2018

Arena Open: November 29, 2018

Arena Close: December 30, 2018

Kansas City Repertory 1st rehearsal: January 8, 2019

Kansas City Repertory 1st preview: January 18, 2019

Kansas City Repertory Open: January 25, 2019

Kansas City Repertory Close: February 10, 2019

Baltimore Center Stage 1st rehearsal: February 23, 2019

Baltimore Center Stage 1st preview: February 28, 2019

Baltimore Center Stage Open: March 7, 2019

Baltimore Center Stage Close: March 24, 2019


In 1923, the Broadway debut of Sholem Asch’s Yiddish drama God of Vengeance set the stage for an explosive moment in theatrical history. The evocative work of Jewish culture was praised and criticized for its taboo themes of censorship, immigration and anti-Semitism. Inspired by these true events and the controversy, Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel tells the behind-the-scenes story of the courageous artists who risked their careers and lives to perform a work deemed “indecent.” “Brimming with good faith” (New York Times), this Tony Award-winning intimate and enchanting play filled with music and dance is a testament to the transformative power of art that is timelier than ever before.



LEMML: (40s, Male) A working man, from a little shtetl outside Balut. Naïve in his youth, over time as Asch’s company manager, he experiences the good and the terrible that the world has to offer, but he is never consumed by cynicism; holds fast to his belief in the transformative power of performance.

MADJE/RUTH/VIRGINIA/ENSEMBLE: (20s-30s, Female) Madje: Asch’s wife, has a discerning mind for literature and an enviable depth of feeling. Ruth: Jewish actor living in Greenwich Village, in love with Dorothee; speaks English poorly; outspoken. Virginia: American ingénue; energetic, eager to please. Plays the brides, grooms, writers, and socialists. So ardent in their beliefs, so passionate in their lovemaking.

ASCH/JOHN ROSEN/ENSEMBLE: (20s-30s, Male) Young Asch: Brilliant Polish Jewish playwright; passionate, rebellious, hungry for change. John Rosen: Connecticut-born Jewish idealist; has written a new translation of Asch’s original manuscript and wants to revive the play for a new generation. Plays the brides, grooms, writers, and socialists. So ardent in their beliefs, so passionate in their lovemaking.

FREIDA/DOROTHEE/ENSEMBLE: (30-40s, Female) Freida: A respected German actor, speaks frankly and with an air of sophistication. Dorothee: Jewish actor in Greenwich Village, in love with Ruth; sensitive and full of feeling, she wants to assimilate into American culture. Plays the members in the troupe in their prime. Plays the vamps, all the vice, the scarred, the schemers, the still married.

NAKHMEN/HARRY/ENSEMBLE: (30-40s, Male) Nakhmen: Lemml’s cousin, traditional Jewish man and member at the Polish Yiddish literary salon. Harry Weinberger: Producer at the Greenwich Theatre, proud to produce a play on Broadway by a fellow Jew. Plays the members in the troupe in their prime. Plays the vamps, all the vice, the scarred, the schemers, the still married.

MRS. PERETZ/ESTHER/ENSEMBLE: (40s-60s, Female) Mrs. Peretz: Wife of the literary lion I. L. Peretz; strong literary opinions, dismissive of upstart young writers. Esther: a seasoned and professional actor, she is good at what she does and is frustrated by amateurism. Plays the mothers, the sagest of characters or the ones who remain fools at any age.

OLDER ASCH/PERETZ/ENSEMBLE: (40s-60s, Male) Older Asch: Has retreated entirely from public life; bitter and cynical, he disavows his masterpiece. Peretz: Leader of a prestigious Polish Yiddish literary salon; upper-crust, educated, fussy traditionalist. Plays the fathers, the sagest of characters or the ones who remain fools at any age.

ADDITIONAL ENSEMBLE: (20s-60s) Actor-musicians who play any of the following instruments: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tin Whistle, Violin, Mandolin, Accordion, Baritone Ukulele, Percussion.



By Kenneth Lin

1st rehearsal: December 18, 2018

1st preview: January 18, 2019

Open: January 24, 2019

Close: February 24, 2019


It is one of the most pivotal moments in history — the Soviet Union has collapsed. In the ensuing rampage of hyper-capitalism, the Oligarchs, a new class of robber barons, plunge Russia into a terrifying dark age of chaos and corruption. When the richest and most ruthless Oligarch attempts to reform and open Russian markets to the world, he’s confronted by a young Vladimir Putin who is charting his own path to power. This world-premiere drama by Kenneth Lin (House of Cards) turns the spotlight on U.S. – Russia relations when crude oil is the language of diplomacy and events that dominate today’s headlines are first set in motion.



MIKHAIL KHODORKOVSKY: (30s, Male) Russian businessman, philanthropist and oligarch who rose to become one of the richest men in Russia.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: (30s-40s, Male) Incumbent during the Yeltsin administration who later assumes the Presidency of Russia.

INNA KHODORKOVSKY: (20s-30s, Female) Mikhail’s indomitable wife.

WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL: (50s, Female) Brass and dauntless, serving under the George H. W. Bush administration.

BORIS BEREZOVSKY: (50s, Male) Russian business oligarch, government official, engineer and mathematician who opposed Putin’s rule as President.

VALENTIN/SECURITY GUARD/MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE: (20s-30s, Male) Inna’s lover before Mikhail.

PLATON LEBEDEV/ KUCHMA: (30s, Male) Platon is Mikhail’s business partner and CEO of Group Menatep; Kuchma is Mikhail’s prison mate.

LEONID NEVZLIN/TRANSLATOR: (30s, Male) Russian-born Israeli businessman and philanthropist; Mikhail’s business partner.


By Ruth Goetz and Augustus Goetz

Adapted from the 1880 Henry James novel Washington Square

Directed by Seema Sueko

1st rehearsal: January 8, 2019

1st preview: February 8, 2019

Open: February 14, 2019

Close: March 10, 2019


Finding one’s voice is never easy. Socially awkward and plain Catherine Sloper has struggled her entire life under the disapproving and resentful gaze of her father and the shadow of her mother, who died when she was born. It is the unexpected visit from a suitor full of sincerity and instantaneous devotion that awakens long abandoned thoughts of true love and the opportunity for a fresh start.  A devastating betrayal forces the scorned Catherine to learn how to roar realizing her true worth and taking control of her destiny. Set in New York City in 1850 and 1851.


CATHERINE SLOPER: 25-45, A gentle and timid young woman who is painfully shy and obedient to her father at the start of the play. When love awakens in her, she discovers a new, rebellious voice; and when love betrays her, she grows and glows with her new strength, power, independence and confidence. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

DR. AUSTIN SLOPER: 50s-60s, A smart, proper, successful doctor who is haunted by the memory of his late wife who he loved dearly and lost early when their daughter was born. Dutifully, he has raised Catherine and provided for her everything she needs, except admiration for his un-clever and awkward daughter. He keenly sees the truth of Morris Townsend’s mercenary intentions and strives to protect his daughter by laying a trap Morris can’t resist. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

LAVINIA PENNIMAN: 50s–60s, Dr. Sloper’s sister and Catherine’s loving aunt and confidant. A widower who had a successful, joyful marriage, she believes in love, craves romance, and wants the best for Catherine. An exuberant and compassionate busy body, Mrs. Penniman encourages the relationship between Catherine and Morris. More practical and aware than she lets on, she understands Morris’ intentions and believes there could be a path to happiness for Catherine if she plays her cards right. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

ELIZABETH ALMOND: 40s–60s, Dr. Sloper’s sister and Catherine’s handsome and practical aunt. She views Catherine somewhere between Dr. Sloper’s stern embarrassment of her and Mrs. Penniman’s unconditional admiration and support. The mother of the popular and beautiful Marian, who is planning her wedding to Arthur, Elizabeth is confident, steady, and aware of the restrictions and opportunities for women. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

ARTHUR TOWNSEND: 20s-30s, Marian Almond’s devoted fiancé. He is a young business man with a promising future, but with a stolid, un-lively personality. Dr. Sloper wryly surmises Arthur will one day become the president of a small bank. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

MARIAN ALMOND: 20s, Catherine’s pretty and vivacious cousin, daughter of Elizabeth, engaged to Arthur. An exuberate lover of life, she is the antithesis to Catherine, though she loves and admires her sincerely. Marian won the lottery in life and knows how to play the game, which to her, isn’t a game at all. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

MORRIS TOWNSEND 25-45, A distant cousin of Arthur’s. Morris is handsome, lively, instantly likeable. Currently unemployed with no prospects and no desire for work, Morris admires the Sloper home in Washington Square and dreams of a comfortable future surrounded by the finest of things. He can see a path to obtaining all this through Catherine.  A curious wanderer, he spent all his inheritance experiencing everything he could in Europe and now lives with his sister. He is the first man to pay attention to Catherine and unseals something new in her. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

MRS. MONTGOMERY: 30s-50s, Morris’ sister and widowed mother of five children. She supports and loves her brother. When Dr. Sloper calls on her to investigate Morris’ character, she is perceptive to the Doctor’s biases, polite and restrained with him, while steadily maintaining the dignity of the family. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

MARIA: 20s-50s, The parlor maid for the Sloper household. Maria sees all and will serve as the third person narrator in this production, our connector to the audience and impartial storyteller.


Written and directed by Aaron Posner

1st rehearsal: January 29, 2019

1st preview: March 1, 2019

Open: March 14, 2019

Close: April 14, 2019


Complicated, passionate and difficult, John Quincy Adams was a brilliant diplomat, ineffectual one-term President and congressman known for his eloquence, arrogance and integrity. This unique, highly-theatrical play by award-winning playwright Aaron Posner (Stupid F**king Bird) imagines key confrontations between JQA and some of America’s most dynamic figures: George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams (his own father) and more. At once provocative, haunting and hilarious, this Power Play challenges the way we think of our country, our government and ourselves.


JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, LOUISA ADAMS, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: (35-50s, Female) John Quincy Adams: An American statesman who served as a diplomat, minister, and ambassador to foreign nations, and treaty negotiator; the sixth President of the United States from 1825 to 1829. Louisa Adams: John Quincy Adams’ wife; the daughter of the American Consul in London, she was the first First Lady to be born outside the United States. Abraham Lincoln: Junior congressman from Illinois, inspired by the future of the nation.

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, FREDERICK DOUGLASS, HENRY CLAY, ANDREW JACKSON: (25-40s, Male) John Quincy Adams: An American statesman who served as a diplomat, minister, and ambassador to foreign nations, and treaty negotiator; the sixth President of the United States from 1825 to 1829. Frederick Douglass: An African-American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman. After escaping from slavery in Maryland, he became a national leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York. Henry Clay: Secretary of State under John Quincy Adams; they are opposites in nearly every way. Andrew Jackson: elected President after John Quincy Adams, he sought to advance the rights of the "common man" against a "corrupt aristocracy" and to preserve the Union.

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, GEORGE WASHINGTON: (55-65, Male) John Quincy Adams: An American statesman who served as a diplomat, minister, and ambassador to foreign nations, and treaty negotiator; the sixth President of the United States from 1825 to 1829. George Washington: The first President of the United States, he is popularly considered the driving force behind the nation's establishment and came to be known as the "father of the country."

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, JOHN ADAMS, THOMAS JEFFERSON: (65-80s, Male) John Quincy Adams: An American statesman who served as a diplomat, minister, and ambassador to foreign nations, and treaty negotiator; the sixth President of the United States from 1825 to 1829. John Adams: The second President of the United States, and John Quincy Adam's father, he was a lawyer, diplomat, statesman, political theorist, and Founding Father. Thomas Jefferson: John Adam's Vice President and the third President of the United States, he was a proponent of democracy, republicanism, and individual rights.



By Ayad Akhtar

Directed by Jackie Maxwell

1st rehearsal: March 5, 2019

1st preview: April 5, 2019

Open: April 11, 2019

Close: May 5, 2019


As the brilliant and calculating Robert Merkin prepares a hostile takeover of a family-owned manufacturing company, he is not concerned about crossing the line to get what he wants in the name of “saving America.” Inspired by the volatile and cut-throat financial world and the junk bond giants of the 1980s, “this epic piece of work” (Chicago Tribune) is an enticing look at the money makers, their hubris and those who tried to hold them accountable. Pulitzer Prize winner Ayad Akhtar’s (Disgraced) latest work asks if redemption is truly possible or if there is always a new scheme waiting in the wings.


ROBERT MERKIN: (35-40s) "Bob". Junk Bond Originator and Trader at Sacker-Lowell, an investment bank. Merkin is an unusual combination of charismatic leader and behind-the-desk functionary. On the strength of unparalleled focus and remarkable intellectual gifts, he has emerged as the financier of the age.

RAÚL RIVERA: (Mid 30s) Lawyer for Sacker-Lowell. Of Cuban extraction. Wry, playful, ruthless.

ISRAEL PETERMAN: (Late 30s) "Izzy." A corporate raider. Sacramento-born. Intense, rough-hewn, tenacious. Eager to propel himself-- by whatever means necessary-- to the front ranks of American business.

BORIS PRONSKY: (40s-50s) An arbitrageur. Makes money off rumor and intrigue. All façade, no substance. The proverbial little man in a big man's body.

THOMAS EVERSON, JR: (50's) "Tom." Chief Executive of Everson Steel and United, the erstwhile manufacturing behemoth and still-member of the Dow Industrial Average.

MAXIMILIEN CIZIK: (40s-50s) "Max." Investment Banker at Lausana & Co. Adviser to Everson. Urbane, measured, sophisticated. Born in Prauge, but brought up in America. Lausana & Co. is a leading advisory investment bank, and one of the last of such still connected to the great 19th century European merchant banks.

JACQUELINE BLOUNT: (20s-40s) "Jackie." Lawyer for Lausana & Co. African-American. Harvard college. Harvard Business. Harvard Law. Appealing, ambitious. With balls and charm to boot. Wonder woman.

LEO TRESLER: (50s) A private equity magnate. Passionate, pompous, lovable, and very rich. A lion of a man with something of a Texas swagger, despite being born and raised in Connecticut.

GIUSEPPI ADDESSO: (40s) "Joe." US Attorney of New York, Southern District. Ambitious. Italian-American.

KEVIN WALSH: (25-30s) African-American. Assistant to the US Attorney, Fraud Unit. Punctilious and indefatigable.

JUDY CHEN: (25-40s) A writer. 3rd-generation Chinese-American. Thoughtful, penetrating, and undaunted by the titans about who she is writing. Quicksilver smarts.

AMY MERKIN: (30s-40s) Robert's wife. Merkin's business school sweetheart. A financial wizard in her own right. Merkin's deepest collaborator.

MARK O'HARE: (40s) An arbitrageur. Irish-American. Born and raised in heyday of Hell's Kitchen. A street fighter who rides the market's currents.

CORRIGAN WILEY: (50s) Attorney for O'Hare. Gruff and loyal. Hailing from a family that has served counsel to generations of the Irish mob.

DEVON ATKINS: (Late 20s) An arbitrageur. A kid. In over his head.

MURRAY LEFKOWITZ: (50s) One of Merkin's investors. A schlemiel.

CHARLENE STEWART: (20s-30s) assistant to Robert Merkin



Written and directed by Tazewell Thompson

1st rehearsal: March 26, 2019

1st preview: April 26, 2019

Open: May 9, 2019

Close: June 2, 2019


The world-renowned Fisk Jubilee Singers shattered racial barriers in the U.S. and abroad, entertaining kings and queens. For centuries, the bold a capella African American ensemble born on the campus of Fisk University has blended their rich voices together sharing a heritage of suffering, strength and endurance. “A known showman” with a “gift for stirring theatricality” (Washington Post), playwright and director Tazewell Thompson brings an innovative and heart-stirring score to life in this world premiere. With uplifting spirituals and hymns including “Wade in the Water,” “Ain’t That Good News,” “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen,” this a capella musical with more than three dozen songs is sure to ignite audiences.



ELLA SHEPPARD: (African American) Manager and record keeper of the Jubilee Singers; devoted, empowering, regal; a strong performer who can also sing; Soprano.

MINNIE TATE: (African American) Little sister with a big voice; found acceptance in the white community; focused on studies; Alto.

GREENE EVANS: (African American) Haunted by his lack of a personal history; found a family in the Jubilee singers; determined to leave his mark in the world; Tenor.

JENNIE JACKSON: (African American) Pride in her beauty and blackness taught by her mother; Soprano.

BENJAMIN HOLMES: (African American) Honors student; worked hard to get what he’s received; believes in the Jubilee’s cause; Tenor.

ISAAC DICKERSON: (African American) Rootless; grounded in music; a bit of a player; Bass.

MAGGIE PORTER: (African American) Prima donna; born to sing solo; defiant; a team player only out of necessity; Soprano.

THOMAS RUTLING: (African American) Haunted by his mother, but finds strength in her presence through song; Tenor.

AMERICA ROBINSON: (African American) Inspired by nature’s beauty; determined to escape a nation that does not love her; a loner; Alto.

GEORGIA GORDON: (African American) Best scholar at Fiske; proud, stubborn, romantic; saw little of slavery; Soprano.

EDMUND WATKINS: (African American) Resourceful; determined; self-educated; moved by his ability to captivate an audience with his voice; haunted by slavery; Bass.

FREDERICK LOUDIN: (African American) Born free; privileged; desires to give back to his people; relishes in his freedom overseas; worldly, motivated, and moral; Bass.

MABEL LEWIS: (African American) Tough; thrives in instructing and performing music; Alto.







Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Book by James Lapine

Directed by Matthew Gardiner

Music Direction by Jon Kalbfleisch

MAX Stage:  LORT B

1st Rehearsal:  July 17, 2018

Running: August 14, 2018- September 23, 2018

Possible Extension:  September 30, 2018

All parts to be understudied.




[CLARA] Giorgio's lover. Married to a man with whom she shares a son. Beautiful and shallow.
Female 20’s. Vocal range top: F5  Vocal range bottom: Ab3

[GIORGIO] Army Captain. He is a heroic, handsome romantic that is on his way up in the army ranks. Male- 20’s to 30’s. Vocal range top: G4  Vocal range bottom: F2




Book and Lyrics by Lee Hall

Music by Elton John

Directed by Matthew Gardiner

MAX Stage:  LORT B

1st Rehearsal:  October 2, 2018

Running:  October 30 – December 23, 2018

Possible Extension:  December 30, 2018

Possible Extension: January 6, 2019

All parts to be understudied.




[BILLY ELLIOT]:  10-13, Ballet dance skills necessary. A young boy who stumbles upon a ballet class and finds wonderful freedom of expression and escape from his troubled young life in working class England. He must bear the brunt of disapproval from his family and resolve to stay true to himself and his passion for dance. Strong singer, dancer, and actor.  Clear tone but not a boy soprano.


[MRS. WILKINSON]:  40-50’s. The local ballet teacher who teaches through tough, hardnosed, and honest discipline. She softens when she realizes Billy’s passion and prospects, developing an important relationship with him and becoming his mentor. A true believer in expressing oneself through dance.  Strong Mix/Belt and strong mover.


[DEBBIE WILKINSON]:  9-12 years old. The ballet teacher’s daughter, very opinionated and sometimes argumentative. She is initially disapproving of Billy’s dancing and harbors a childhood crush on him. Strong actor.


[MICHAEL]:  10-13 years old. Billy’s fun-loving and carefree best friend. A wonderful example of someone who embraces pure freedom of expression. Strong actor, good singer.


[ENSEMBLE]:  Seeking a diverse group of men and women to round out the show.  Strong singers, strong dancers, strong tappers, and strong movers to play a varied mix of miners, police officers, ballet dancers, etc.     


[YOUNG ENSEMBLE]- Seeking a diverse group of young girls to make up the young ensemble. Strong dancers in musical theatre style dance with strong singing voices and acting skills. Ages 9-13.


[YOUNG BOY]- 5-8 years old to read 5-6 years old.





Conceived by Richard Maltby Jr. and Murray Horowitz

Music by Thomas “Fats” Waller

Directed by Joe Calarco

Rehearsals start: October 15, 2019

Running: November 13- January 6, 2019

Extension: February 3, 2019

The ARK Theater: LORT D

All parts to be understudied.



[ANDRE] – 25-45. African American. Handsome and charismatic. An unrepentant party hound. A flirt and a bit of a womanizer.

Range: G2-E6




A New Musical Based on the Warner Bros. Motion Picture
Screenplay by Nick Castle and James V. Hart
Story by Paul Castro and Nick Castle
A Co-production with Signature Theatre (Arlington, VA) and Paramount Theatre (Aurora, Illinois)
Music and Lyrics by Mark Mancina
Book and Lyrics by Glen Berger
With Orchestrations and Additional Music by David Metzger
Directed by John Doyle
Casting Director: Benton Whitley CSA of Stewart/Whitley
MAX Stage:  LORT B
1st Rehearsal: December 18, 2018
Running:  February 5- March 3, 2019
Some parts to be understudied.




NOTE: ALL CHARACTERS must play an instrument.


[EVAN TAYLOR /AUGUST RUSH] 11-year-old boy. An Orphan who runs away to New York to unravel the mystery of who he is and who his parents are. Musical prodigy. Savant-like ability to hear music wherever he is.  Boy pop vocal range Must sing well.  MUST PLAY GUITAR WELL AND IDEALLY BASIC PIANO.  

[LYLA NOVACEK] Early/Mid-Twenties Woman, all ethnicities. Professional Cellist. Beautiful. Long-lost mother to Evan Taylor. Longing for more independence from the strict lifestyle her father has planned for her, she sometimes exhibits a bold and determined demeanor.  Pop Rock Soprano. Must sing well. MUST PLAY CELLO.

[THOMAS NOVACEK/WIZARD] Sixties Man, all ethnicities. Lyla’s strict father and a man of undying principal - often to a fault. While at times harsh towards Lyla, he ultimately loves and cares for her deeply. Sings. SAME ACTOR TO ALSO PLAY -WIZARD - The Villain. Leader of a mystical-musical cult of buskers called "The Collective,” offering a home and spiritual inspiration to his followers. A supernatural, glam-rock, confidence man.  Charming, alluring, and dangerous. MUST SING WELL. Must play a musical instrument. 

[LEWIS CHAPMAN] Early/Mid-Twenties Man, African American or mixed-race. Free-spirited. Indie rock singer with rock-star charisma. Handsome/Sexy. Falls in love with Lyla Novacek and is the long-lost father to Evan Taylor. MUST PLAY GUITAR WELL.  MUST HAVE WIDE RANGE TERRIFIC POP/ROCK VOICE. (Lenny Kravitz vibe and vocal quality)

[RICHARD JEFFERIES] Thirties-Forties Man, all ethnicities. Social Worker. Well-meaning, but highly disorganized and overwhelmed. Empathetic. Must sing well and have strong comedic skills.  Must play a musical instrument. 

[ARTHUR X] To play a 15-19-year-old boy, reads as a teenager, actor of color. WIZARD’s recruiter and right-hand man. He’s a charmer, with a knack for luring potential followers for WIZARD’s cult. Street smart. Must sing well. MUST PLAY ELECTRIC GUITAR VERY WELL. 

[MS. GORDON] Forties-Fifties Woman. Music teacher at Julliard.  Must have strong comedic skills. Must play a musical instrument.

[HOPE] To play African-American. Eight to 12-year-old girl. Must sing well. IDEALLY PLAY BASIC PIANO. 

[MALE ENSEMBLE] All adult ages and ethnicities to play various roles and instruments. Instruments include guitar, ukulele, horn, percussion, xylophone, cello, trumpet, and harmonica. Must sing well. 

[FEMALE ENSEMBLE] All adult ages and ethnicities to play various roles and instruments. Instruments include guitar, ukulele, horn, percussion, xylophone, cello, trumpet, and harmonica. Must sing well.



Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

by Heather McDonald

Directed by Nadia Tass

ARK Stage:  LORT D

1st Rehearsal:  January 29, 2019

Running:  February 26 – March 31, 2019

Roles will not be understudied.




[MITRA]: mid-late 20’s, a soldier, strong and menacing, determined yet vulnerable, formidable.






Book by Luther Davis

Music and Lyrics by Robert Wright and George Forrest

Additional Music by Maury Yeston

Directed by Eric Schaeffer

Choreographed by Denis Jones

Music Direction by Jon Kalbfleisch

MAX Stage:  LORT B

1st Rehearsal:  March 4, 2019

Running:  April 2 – May 12, 2019

All parts to be understudied.




[BARON FELIX VON GAIGERN]: late 20s. The picture of debonair. Dashing, charming, and optimistic but flat broke. Seeking his own legacy. A good guy who lives and loves fast living in the now. Passionate and romantic, falls in love with Grushinskaya. Tenor.


[JIMMY 1]: One of a pair of African American entertainers at the Grand Hotel. They are charming waiters who really are a show business song-and-dance team. Must tap and sing well.

[JIMMY 2]: One of a pair of African American entertainers at the Grand Hotel. They are charming waiters who really are a show business song-and-dance team. Must tap and sing well.


[ENSEMBLE]: a varied group of actors to play a number of characters and hotel employees including Bellboys, Telephone Operators, Trudie the Maid, the Doorman, the Chauffeur (a tough talking gangster posing as a Chauffeur), Witt (Company Manager of Grushinskaya’s ballet troupe), Sandor (an impatient Hungarian theatre Impresario, the Officer, the Prostitute, and the Male Scullery Workers.



a play with music

Three Tales by Zora Neale Hurston

Adapted by George C. Wolfe

Music by Chic Street Man

Directed by Timothy Douglas

ARK Stage:  LORT D

1st Rehearsal:  April 2, 2019

Running:  April 30- June 23, 2019

Roles will not be understudied.




[BLUES SPEAK WOMAN]: late 20s- early 40s. African American. Strong singer. Grounded and versatile. Acts as the narrator and through line, plays several roles.


[GUITAR MAN]: late 20s- early 40s. African American. Strong singer and guitar player.


[FOLK WOMAN]: late 20s- early 40s. African American to play various roles. Good mover with some singing involved.


[FOLK MEN]: 3 Men, late 20s- early 40s. African American to play various roles. Good movers with some singing involved.





Book and Lyrics by John Dempsey

Music by Dana P. Rowe

Directed by Eric Schaeffer

MAX Stage:  LORT B

1st Rehearsal:  April 29, 2019

Running:  June 11 – July 7, 2019

Extension: 2 weeks through July 21, 2019

All parts to be understudied.




[SALLY (aka "Stiletto Sal"), Dominique, et al]- 20’s-30’s female- sexy, smart, dominant, tough and fierce female with a high belt and a generous vocal range.


[ROGER (aka "Roger The Cabin Boy"), et al]- young male in his 20’s to play many roles including the Cabin Boy. Eager and willing to please, with a good sense of humor. Strong singer. Tenor.


[MORGAN (aka "Meg The Peg"), La Mer, et al]- 20’s-30’s female. Romantic lead, sensual, fiercely intelligent, maternal and knowing. Soprano.


[GARRICK (aka "The Professor"), Lt. Robert Maynard, et al]- 20’s-30’s male, debonair and suave, brainy with excellent comedic timing. Strong singer.


[SHANTI (aka "One Shot"), Kali Maa, et al]- 20’s-early 40’s female- a spiritual force, fiery and passionate. Strong singer.


June 12, 2018 - July 21, 2018



Audition Information


2018-03-16 09:00 :


Signature Theatre 4200 Campbell Ave. Arlington, VA. 22206


Please prepare a short monologue or a short song, OR a one-minute monologue and 16 bars of a song. Auditions may not exceed 2 minutes.  Accompanist will be provided. Please bring two copies of your headshot and resume stapled together. 


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