Performer with Puppetsburg--- contemporary, Interactive Puppet Shows for 0-4yrs


Performer with Puppetsburg--- contemporary, Interactive Puppet Shows for 0-4yrs

Brooklyn, NY 11222

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Performer with Puppetsburg--- contemporary, Interactive Puppet Shows for 0-4yrs


PUPPETSBURG is an edgy, interactive puppet show company for infants-4yrs, and we are looking for performers!  

 Please read the full description below and email us at: with a short video auditon (info below). We will be booking people on a rolling basis, so the sooner the better. 

ALSO: If you are interested in producing, sales and management we are also looking for long-term partnerships to expand the company. (If this interests you but you are not a performer, you can put "producing interest" in the subject of the email.) 

PUPPETSBURG does weekly shows at various locations (currently in Williamsburg, Gramercy, West Village, TriBeca, and soon expanding to several other neighborhoods), and showtimes are usually 10:30am or 4pm (with some variation.) We also have parties and special events on the weekends, as well as monthly preschool shows and more.  

We are looking both for folks who would able to commit to a weekly gig, or for people who are interested in being on our sub list to be called once and awhile when our regular performers aren't available.  

The shows are very casual and usually quite fun. We have celebrity puppets like Bob Dylan, Ai Wei Wei, and RuPaul, and the humor is very contemporary, politically progressive, and aimed at the new generation of parents. Shows are *highly* interactive--- a puppet may appear from behind the stage and have a 30-second scene with another puppet, but quickly the puppet will be out in the audience interacting with kids.  Experience + comfort with toddlers + babies is extremely important. 

We pay $30 per show to start ($35 after 6mos, $50 if you lead/manage the show) for a weekday shift, and $75 for parties ($100 if you lead/manage.) Additional sales/ administration/ social media work may be available as well. This is a small company with huge potential for growth, and we'd love to meet you! 

You must be: 

---extremely dependable/ responsible/ always ontime 

---comfortable with improv; you don't need to memorize lines for this, but have to be good at going with the flow.

---great with kids 

---hope it goes without saying that we are extremely LGBTQ friendly. (and you must be, too!) All welcome!   

If this sounds like a good fit, please check out our website ( + email with the following: 

a) which of our shows you could attend to get a sense of what we do (schedule at  

b) which weekday mornings (9-12ish) or afternoons (3-5ish) would you be able to commit to regular weekly shifts?  

c) any other skills like video editing, sales, admin, design, PR experience, puppet-making, etc, that may be useful 

d) ideal level of  involvement you are looking for (once and awhile? you'd love a permanent/ main job? etc.)  

e) please attach a video (UNDER 3 MINUTES) in which you do the following:  

1 Introduce yourself, and tell us about any experience working with young children (infants/ toddlers). If you have any fun stories about working with kids this age we’d love to hear.  

2 Introduce us to two puppet characters you have created (plain, undecorated socks are FINE—- please don’t stress about making actual puppets for this!) One of them can represent a puppet version of yourself. 

3 Have the characters do a quick, improvised scene We’d love to hear two different puppet voices if possible, and just get a feel for your sense of humor.  This can be *extremely* simple (e.g. one character asking the other about the weather/ can be abstract or whatever.) 

Thanks in advance for your diving in. We look forward to seeing your videos! 


January 8, 2018 - December 6, 2018


$30-$100 per shift



Send e-mail to 00000160-b8b2-d1fb-a572-bdbb48110000...