The J2 Spotlight Musical Theatre Company - Seeking Performers

The J2 Spotlight Musical Theatre Company - Seeking Performers

CATEGORY: Performer

Wojcik/Seay Casting
New York, NY 10018


Holly Buczek

Job Details



Theatre Row Theatre – Theatre 2

AEA Showcase Code:  $500 Stipend

Executive Producer & Co-founder: Jim Jimirro

Artistic Director: Robert W. Schneider

Associate Artistic Director: Benjamin Nissen

Casting: Wojcik/ Seay Casting

The J2 SPOTLIGHT MUSICAL THEATRE COMPANY is a brand new off-Broadway showcase that aspires to become a home for neglected works and bring back elements of The Equity Library Theater, which was once the premiere showcase venue for those who has just begun their careers in New York. Spotlight is produced under an Equity Showcase Code contract. Each show runs for 8 performances and allows audiences to become reacquainted with lesser known works while introducing them to new talents in the area. It is the goal of Spotlight to become a venue in which classic pieces will be enlivened by a whole new generation. For more information please visit our website:

Rehearsal schedules for all shows will be afternoon/evening rehearsals that are flexible and will allow for performers to maintain regular day or evening job schedules.




Music: Cy Coleman

Lyrics: Dorothy Fields

Book: Michael Bennett 

Director: Robert W. Schneider

Music Director: Grant Strom

Choreographer: Barry McNabb


Rehearsals: Jan 20th-Feb 12th, 2020

Performances: February 13th-February 23rd, 2020

Thur/Fri/Sat- evenings @7:30 & Sun @ 2:00pm


JERRY RYAN (20s)- Nebraskan lawyer who is looking to shake up his dull life in Omaha. Smart, driven, sexy, good sense of humor. Baritone to F4           

DAVID (20s)- Gittel’s best friend, an aspiring choreographer. Incredibly energetic, neurotic, warm, gives 110% of himself at all times. A fantastic dancer. Baritone to Gb4             

GITTEL MOSCA (20s)- The epitome of New York: neurotic, driven, self-deprecating, tough. An aspiring dancer. Has fabulous comic timing and a strong belt. Mezzo Soprano G3 to Bb4        

COMPANY ENSEMBLE: Three male identifying artists of all ages, ethnicities, and vocal ranges to play various characters in NYC. Must be great with harmonies and good dancers. Three female identifying artists of all ages, ethnicities, and vocal ranges to play various characters in NYC. Must be great with harmonies and good dancers. 3 Tenors to F#/B4 & 1 Baritone A3 to B4



Music & Lyrics: Richard Rodgers

Book: Samuel Taylor

Directors: Deidre Goodwin & Robert W. Schneider

Music Director: Grant Strom

Choreographer: Deidre Goodwin


Rehearsals: Feb 3rd-Feb 26th, 2020

Performances: February 27th-March 8th, 2020

Thur/Fri/Sat- evenings @7:30 & Sun @ 2:00pm

There are many roles in this show that speak Fluent French or English with a French Accent. Please let us know in your submission if you speak French with great proficiency.  

DAVID JORDAN (late 30s)- An American writer from Maine who is dealing with his writer’s block by partying along the Riviera. Cool, sexy, confident, with melancholia bubbling under the surface. Talks a good game but is hollow inside. A strong mover is preferable but not required. Baritone to E4 

LUC DELBERT (20s)- A Parisian photographer, one of the most sought after in the world. He is intense, fun loving, and cosmopolitan. Strong comic timing. Speaks with a French accent, and speaks/sings fluently in French, a fantastic dancer. Baritone to E4

MIKE ROBINSON (20s)- A gorgeous American gigolo who survives on dubbing foreign movies and seducing rich heiresses. The epitome of a Playboy. Great confidence and a wicked smile that could seduce the hardest of women.  Baritone to E4 

LOUIS DE POURTAL (60s)- A wealthy Parisian aristocrat who mentors Barbara. He would love her love but will settle for her company and enthusiasm. Speaks with a French accent. Baritone to D4. THIS ROLE IS CAST – WILL BE SEEING PEOPLE FOR BACK UP OPTIONS ONLY

BARBARA WOODRUFF (20s)- An American fashion model of color from Harlem who is determined to make the most of her life and obtain a higher level of status. Sensual, strong, sharp, and with great empathy. A strong mover is preferable but not required. Soprano Ab3 to C5

JEANETTE VALMY (20s)- The assistant and lover of Luc. She is in constant motion. Speaks with a French accent and only in French dialogue. She is funny, sexy, and all knowing. A fantastic dancer. Mezzo Soprano to C#5

MOLLIE PLUMMER (40s)- An American editor of Vogue. Brittle, stylish, sharp, and with a great sense of practicality. Barbara sees her like an iron-willed Mother who wants only the best for her. Strong comic timing. Alto A3-Bb5

COMFORT O’CONNELL (20s-30s)- A Texas socialite whose greatest charm is her unending wealth. Her inability to understand European society is her greatest liability. Underneath her brash, brazen exterior is a vulnerable woman who aches to be loved. Speaks with a Southern accent. Mezzo Soprano to E5 

CHARACTER ENSEMBLE: Four female identifying artists, and one male identifying artist, of any ethnicity to play the Vogue Fashion models. Non singing, some dialogue, all must be fantastic dancers.



Music & Lyrics: Ed Kleban

Book: Linda Klein & Lonny Price 

Director: Robert W. Schneider

Music Director: Grant Strom

Choreographer: Sam Hay


Rehearsals: Feb 17th-March 11th, 2020

Performances: March 12th-March 22nd, 2020

Thur/Fri/Sat- evenings @7:30 & Sun @ 2:00pm


ED KLEBAN (30s-40s)- The most adorable hypochondriac you have ever met. Neurotic, hysterical, intense, charming, with bouts of depression, rage, and optimistic fervor. A songwriter whose most notable work was A Chorus Line. Plays piano. Strong comic timing. Baritone to F#4

CHARLEY/MARVIN (30s-40s)- Charley is an aspiring Broadway songwriter whose sense of humor is missing. An academic of the umpteenth degree. Marvin is a brash, energetic, composer who write the music to Ed’s lyrics for A Chorus Line. Plays piano. Strong comic timing. Baritone to F4, For Ensemble Singing: (Ab4) 

BOBBY/MICHAEL (30s-40s)- Bobby is a good-hearted, friendly, warm songwriter whose career is eclipsed by his lack of ability. A fabulous drummer, though. Michael is the charismatic, intense, seductive director of Ed’s work A Chorus Line. Strong comic timing. Baritone Bb2 to F4, For Ensemble Singing: (Ab4)

LEHMAN (50s)- An erudite, biting teacher who mentors Ed in the world of Broadway songwriting. He carries a great air of authority and disdain for those things that are beneath him…which seems to be everything. Excellent comic timing. Baritone to E4, For Ensemble Singing: (Ab4)

SOPHIE (30s-40s)- Ed’s longest, closest, and dearest friend. She puts up with a lot of Ed’s neurosis but her ability to see that there is a genius who needs revealing is what propels her to keep him on his best path. Warm, wonderful, full of great humor and great love. Great comic timing. Mezzo Soprano Eb3 to Eb5, For Ensemble Singing:  (Gb5)

MONA (30s-40s)- Sensual, charming, and a genuine free spirit with no limitations of inhibitions. She is a classmate of Ed’s and takes an immediate liking to him. A great singer and excellent mover. A person no one could resist. Soprano F3 to F5, For Ensemble Singing:  (Gb5)

LUCY (30s-40s)- Genuine, earthy, warm and vulnerable, she soon becomes Ed’s friend, confidante, supporter, and lover. Exudes great warmth and a grounded quality. She sees the best in people. Mezzo Soprano to E5, For Ensemble Singing: (Gb5)

FELICIA (30s-40s)- Tough as nails, insanely driven, a leader amongst leaders. Strong belt, comic timing, and strong mover. She goes from Ed’s classmate to employer in record time. Nothing, and no one, will stand in her way. Mezzo Soprano to E5, For Ensemble Singing: (Gb5)

Auditions: Jan 6th & Jan 7th by appointment for Principals, Jan 8th by appointment for EnsembleCallbacks: Jan 9th & 10th.


January 20, 2020 - March 22, 2020


AEA and Non Union


AEA Showcase - $500 Stipend



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