Virginia Stage Co. 2019-20 Season - Norfolk, VA EPA (06.01.19)

Virginia Stage Co. 2019-20 Season - Norfolk, VA EPA (06.01.19)

CATEGORY: Performer

Virginia Stage Company
Norfolk, VA

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Call Type: EPA

19-20 contract/salary pending. 18-19 minimum:

Tom Quaintance, Producing Artistic Director

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity actors and singers for various roles in the upcoming season. See breakdown.

Equity SM & ASM Positions are filled.
See separate notice on Casting Call for future consideration submission info.


Virginia Stage Company strives for an inclusive creative work environment and actively embraces a diversity of people, ideas, talents, and experiences. We highly encourage people of color, individuals with disabilities, and other historically underrepresented groups to audition.


The 2019-2020 Season:

Guys & Dolls
Music & Lyrics by Frank Loesser and
Book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows
Directed by Nick Minas
1st Rehearsal: August 27, 2019.
Opening: September 18, 2019.
Closing: October 6, 2019

1950’s New York is bustling with glitz and glamour in this classic Tony Award-winning musical. Nathan Detroit, the city’s most infamous craps game organizer, makes the bet of a lifetime with high-roller Sky Masterson. Sky accepts, and tries to win the heart of “Save-A-Soul” missionary Sarah Brown, while

Nathan’s fiancé of 14-years, Adelaide, grows tired of him gambling with hers. When it comes to love, these characters discover you’ve gotta play the right cards if you want to win big.


Sarah Brown
Any ethnicity, Age range mid 20’s to late 30’s. Female. A bright-eyed, idealistic, sincere young woman who serves as the Sergeant of the local Mission. She believes in her cause and is often frustrated in her work to convert the gambling sinners of New York City into saints. She falls in love with gambler, Sky Masterson, and experiences a transformation as she unleashes her adventurous spirit.

Sky Masterson
Any ethnicity, Age range mid 20’s to late 30’s. Male. A self-assured, high stakes gambler who oozes style and sex appeal. He is used to getting by on his luck, looks, and charm but is thrown off course when he falls in love with Sarah Brown.

Miss Adelaide
Any ethnicity, Age range late 20’s to mid 40’s. Female. A strongly comic, classic showgirl who is the headliner at the Hot Box Nightclub. She is Nathan Detroit’s long-suffering fiancee and longs for a quiet family life away from New York City. She is pretty, outspoken, and charming. Strong comedic and dance skills a must.

Nathan Detroit
Any ethnicity, Age range late 20’s to mid 40’s. Male. A good-hearted yet comically irresponsible manipulator. Nathan is a broke schemer and is the facilitator of illegal craps games. He is a broker, seldom a gambler. A consummate businessman with divided loyalties; he pacifies his fiancé Adelaide with vague promises of a marriage ‘some time’ in the future.

Nicely Nicely Johnson
Any ethnicity, Age range 30’s to late 40’s. Male. The nicest and cheeriest of the gambling crooks. High-spirited and eccentric but sincere and genuine. Nathan's loyal friend and lackey.


Detroit ‘67
By Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Tom Jones
1st Rehearsal: October 1, 2019.
Opening: October 23, 2019.
Closing: November 10, 2019

Turntables turn to turmoil in the heart of Detroit when a mysterious woman enters the lives of siblings Chelle and Lank. Underground basement parties are the talk of the town as the spirit of Motown breaks barriers across neighborhoods. As riots erupt in their beloved city, tensions escalate at home. In the age of tumultuous race relations, how will this family keep it together as their community falls apart?


Chelle (Michelle)
African American Woman, Age range late 30's, Female. Chelle is the overprotective older sister of Lank. She is a widow, hard worker, and is determined to provide a better life for her family. She can be intimidating to outsiders and carries herself with a quiet confidence.

Lank (Langston)
African American man, Age range early 30's, Male. The younger brother of Chelle, a hard and a dreamer. Lank is passionate about motown, and has an extensive record collection. A charismatic young man everyone is fond of.

Bunny (Bonita)
African American woman, Age range mid-to-late 30's, Female. A family friend of Lank and Chelle. She is sexy and fun-loving and refuses to be beaten by the discouraging political scene in Detroit.

Sly (Sylvester)
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African American man, Age range late 30's, Male. Lank’s best friend. An “honest hustler”-- someone who loves the game and doesn’t mind working hard to find success. He is a loyal friend and fiercely determined to see his dreams come true.

Caucasian woman, Age range late 20s/early 30s, Female. She is certainly troubled, but is extremely hesitant to discuss her problems with anyone. Caroline is beautiful and alluring, with a quiet strength.


A Christmas Carol
By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Patrick Mullins
Directed by Marianne Savell
1st Rehearsal: November 5, 2019.
Opening: November 27, 2019.
Closing: December 22, 2019.

Virginia Stage’s most popular production continues its tradition at the Wells Theatre. Follow Ebenezer Scrooge’s journey through time with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future as he learns about redemption, kindness, and compassion. Filled with music and mirth, this timeless play is recommended for all ages and is fun for the whole family to enjoy.


Christmas Present
Any ethnicity, Gender non-specific, age range over 30. Jolly, warm, bigger than life.

Any ethnicity, Male , age range over 35. Imposing, gruff, and a gentle heart buried inside.

Bob Cratchit
Any ethnicity, Male , age range over 30. The heart of the play. Full of care and compassion, for Tim and Scrooge.

Mrs. Cratchit
Any ethnicity, Female , age range over 30. Bob’s partner who creates a crucial support system for Bob and the family. A big heart, but quick to protect her own.


Sense & Sensibility
By Kate Hamill
Based on the novel by Jane Austen
Directed by Jessica Holt
1st Rehearsal: December 31, 2019.
Opening: January 22, 2020.
Closing: February 9, 2020.

Jane Austen’s words comes to life again in the comedic follow up to the best-selling play in Virginia Stage history, Pride and Prejudice. After their father's sudden death leaves them destitute, the Dashwood sisters must navigate the gossipy world of late 19th century England. Full of humor and bold theatricality, this energetic take on the classic follows the sisters’ journey as they learn the importance of both sense and sensibility in a world where love and money aren’t mutually exclusive.


Elinor Dashwood

Any ethnicity, female, age range early 20’s. The eldest Dashwood sister; sensible. Marianne Dashwood

Any ethnicity, female, age range early 20’s. The middle Dashwood sister; sensitive. Margaret Dashwood

Any ethnicity, female, age range teens. The youngest Dashwood sister; 10-13 years old. Mrs. Dashwood

Any ethnicity, female, age range 30’s-40’s. Mother to the Dashwood sisters.

John Dashwood
Any ethnicity, male, age range 30’s-40’s. Half-brother to the Dashwood sisters (from their father's side; no blood relation to Mrs. Dashwood).

Edward Ferrars
Any ethnicity, male, age range 20’s-30’s. Half-brother to the Dashwood sisters (from their father's side; no blood relation to Mrs. Dashwood). A gentleman; a bachelor.

Fanny (Ferrars) Dashwood
Any ethnicity, female, age range 30’s-40’s. Wife to John Dashwood and sister to Edward; nasty.

Colonel Brandon
Any ethnicity, male, age range mid-to-late 40’s. An older bachelor.

John Willoughby
Any ethnicity, male, age range early 20’s. An unusually handsome young man.

Sir John Middleton
Any ethnicity, male, age range 40’s - 50’s. A country gentleman; distant relation to Mrs. Dashwood.

Mrs. Jennings
Any ethnicity, female, age range 50’s - 60’s. A good-natured, boisterous woman; mother-in-law to Sir John and a terror to the countryside.

Lady Middleton
Any ethnicity, female, age range 30’s - 40’s. An over-bred lady.

Lucy Steele
Any ethnicity, female, age range early 20’s. A young girl from no fortune.

Anne Steele
Any ethnicity, female, age range early 20’s. Lucy's sister; indiscreet.

Robert Ferrars
Any ethnicity, male, age range 20’s - 30’s. A callow young man; Edward Ferrars’ younger brother.


The Legend of Georgia McBride
Written by Matthew Lopez
Directed by Patrick Mullins
1st Rehearsal: February 11, 2020.
Opening: March 4, 2020.
Closing: March 22, 2020.

Casey is down on his luck. Recently fired from his gig as an Elvis impersonator, he scrambles to pay his rent. To top it off, his wife just announced she is pregnant. When a new drag show replaces his act, Casey trades in his jumpsuit for a dress and finds that he has a whole lot to learn about show business—and himself. This music filled comedy explores the art of finding your true voice, with loads of laughs and dance numbers along the way.


Caucasian, male, age range early 20’s. A charismatic and good-looking small town high school football star turned Elvis impersonator; a loyal, loving husband who dreams big.

African American, female, age range early 20’s. Caseys wife; a hard-headed woman married to a soft- hearted man; a realist whos prone to being fatalistic.

Miss Tracy Mills
Any ethnicity, male, age range 40s-50. Sweet-natured drag queen, and drag mother to Casey; her impeccable timing, wit, and charm can disarm anyone; deeply nurturing by nature, she thrives on being a mentor, but is ruthlessly pragmatic when she needs to be.

Any ethnicity, male, age range 20s-30s. Bitchy in a mean way, but very funny; feisty and sharp- tongued with a dark past; a fairly trashy gal who fancies herself the most sophisticated in the room, also the sweet best friend of Jo and Casey.

Any ethnicity, male, age range 50s-60s. the easily flustered, hot-headed owner of a struggling dive bar; a bit rough around the edges; still longing for the dimly remembered glory days of high school.


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Khanisha Foster
1st Rehearsal: March 17, 2020.
Opening: April 8, 2020.
Closing: April, 26, 2020.

The playwright of Pulitzer Prize-winning A Streetcar Named Desire paints a portrait of a steamy Mississippi south. At Big Daddy’s birthday, family ties and undercover lies come to surface as Maggie the Cat infiltrates her husband Brick’s homeplace. The two dance around the sultry secrets seeping through the cracks of their marriage. Between love, death, lies, and sexual tensions, will the truth ever be revealed?


Any ethnicity, female, age range 30s-40s. A vivacious and attractive woman whose curse is a love for a husband who doesn't love her.

Any ethnicity, male, age range 30s-40s. A taciturn and stony-faced drunk, Brick is too numb to feel much of anything anymore.

Mae, sometimes called Sister Woman
Any ethnicity, female, age range 40s-50s. Gooper's wife has picked up his bitterness and greed, without any of his justifying history.

Gooper, sometimes called Brother Man
Any ethnicity, male, age range 40s-50s. The elder of the Pollitt children by eight years has languished in Brick's shadow since the day his brother was born.

Big Mama
Any ethnicity, female, age range 50s-60s. She is an older version of Maggie – more hysterical, sloppier, needier, having let herself go, but still like Maggie.


The Hobbit
By Greg Banks
Based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien
Lyrics by Greg Banks & Tom Johnson
Directed by Tom Quaintance
1st Rehearsal: April 28, 2020.
Opening: May 20, 2020. Closing: June 7, 2020

Travel to the fantasy world of Middle Earth, live on stage, as reluctant hero Bilbo Baggins takes the audience on an epic magical adventure ensuring fun for the whole family. When Bilbo is asked to leave his home to search for treasure, he encounters many obstacles along the way, including the legendary dragon, Smaug. J.R.R. Tolkien's classic is adapted with vigor and charm. This Theatre for Families production is produced in collaboration with The Governor’s School for the Arts.

Bilbo Baggins
Any ethnicity, male, age range mid-to-late 20’s. A hobbit. Physical theatre and vocal experience a plus.

Gandalf etc.
Any ethnicity, gender non-specific, age range 40’s - 50’s. A great wizard. Physical theatre and vocal experience a plus.

Thorin etc.
Any ethnicity, gender non-specific, age range mid-to-late 30’s. Leader of the Dwarves. Physical theatre and vocal experience a plus.


To request an appointment, AEA Members please email; title your email ‘Equity Principal Audition Request - June 1st (or June 2nd)’’. For more information, please see



Audition Information


Governor’s School for the Arts
245 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

Main Lobby Sign-in

Saturday, June 1, 2019
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

break 3pm to 4pm


Prepare a brief monologue, or a brief song, or a one-minute monologue with 16 bars of a song. An accompanist will be provided.


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