Off-Broadway / Sea Legs - A Nautical New Musical

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Off-Broadway / Sea Legs - A Nautical New Musical


Auditions BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for all roles in new Off-Broadway musical SEA LEGS: A NAUTICAL NEW MUSICAL (at the American Theatre of Actors).

Produced by Lindsay Alexis, Alexa Bergman, and Jason Kovacs
Book and Lyrics: Tyler Dean
Music: Michael Tooman
Director: Taylor Norton
Choreographer: Whitney Brandt

Please send a headshot and resume to to receive an appointment.

Auditions will be scheduled on Friday, August 8 and Saturday, August 9.

Callbacks will be scheduled for Sunday, August 10, by appointment only.

1st Rehearsal: 8/14/14
OPEN: 9/20/14
CLOSE: 9/27/14

LYME (M, 20-25, Tenor):
A headstrong young man whose insatiable thirst for adventure often gets him in trouble. Though he is both wily and a little naive, he ultimately values his loyalty to his friends above all else.

TUCK (M, 20-25, Baritone):
Tuck is Lyme's childhood best friend who finds stability and prosperity by remaining in his hometown. He is fiercely loyal and honorable, and maintains his own adventurous streak. He is married to Tanzi.

TANZI (F, 20-25, Mezzo-Soprano):
Tanzi is infinitely pragmatic and whip-smart. She is often looked to as the voice of reason and compassion, but sometimes struggles to put herself (and her soon-to-be-born twins) first. She is married to Tuck.

MYRTLE (F, 20-25, Alto):
The over-eager and often accidentally annoying Myrtle is equally big-hearted and brave. She prizes friendship above all else, and although she is an expert in mixed martial arts, no one in the town can remember her name.

GULLIVER TRENCH (M, 20-30, Baritone):
Trench is Lyme's former cell-mate who escapes from prison to lead a life of crime. He is sneaky and determined. His lust for power brings him to the harbor to interrupt the lives of all who cross his path. Has English accent.

PRINCESS SALMONELLA (F, 20-25, Mezzo-Soprano):
Salmonella is ditzy and delightful. She is the next Queen of Periscopia, but she grapples with whether or not she is ready to accept that responsibility.

MORA (F, 20-30, Alto):
Mora is Princess Salmonella's no-nonsense royal advisor. She is over-worked, having ruled over Periscopia in Salmonella's stead for the last three years.

CECIL SEASHELLS (M, 20-25, Tenor):
Cecil is the inept captain of the Periscopian Patrol. He is chiseled, peppy, and speaks almost exclusively in alliterative phrases.

Litzche is a hot-tempered German woman with a robotic hand and an eyepatch. She struggles to maintain her blood sugar levels, and has an over-developed love of rules. She is Cecil's counterpart on the Periscopian Patrol.

GALLEYPEPPER (M, 20-30, Bari-Tenor):
Galleypepper is the town harbinger of doom who can also predict the future. His cohorts are BODKIN and SKIPPY.

Various ensemble roles will also be filled.

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*Pending AEA Approval*



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Shetler Studios
244 W 54th St.
12th Floor
New York, NY 10019


Upon receiving an appointment, further instruction will be given.