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Director for a new musical


Producer/librettist seeks director for an AEA stage reading of a new musical, The Memory Lanes. It will receive two presentations to be held in NYC in the fall of 2014.
The Memory Lanes has a cast of two men and two women (ages mid-40s and up) and one on-stage pianist.
The score, written from the 1940s-50s consists of Big Band, ballads, jazz, swing, doo wop and Latin. The book, in contrast to the melodic, standards-style score, is atonal, modern, and absurd. It is brutally honest and cynical as it focuses on the creative struggles of a songwriter’s (Irving Weiser) career due to the decline of the Big Band era. It also deals with his alcoholism, dementia and other mental health issues. The cast represents what little remains of his long-term memories (which are regularly disappearing). Discomfort, frustration, anger and regret are relentless as the cast leads him through the few highs and many lows of his career.
The show takes place in a basement on a barely minimal set. No characters ever exit, there are no light or sound cues and no costume changes. Technically, it is stark and devoid of color, gloss and frills and feels very claustrophobic. All props fit in one small suitcase. There are only three chairs.
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Moderate stipend available.
Selections of the score may be heard at:
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