Interludes: A New (Orleans) Play - Resume Submissions

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Interludes: A New (Orleans) Play - Resume Submissions


Now accepting headshot and resume submissions for upcoming paid workshop performances of the new play Interludes written by Claire Christine Sargenti and directed by Zillah Glory. (Past workshops have been presented at The Barrow Group and The Duplex Cabaret Theater.)

Check out the upcoming one-woman workshop performance to see how the playwright envisioned the characters, meet the director, and have an advantage at the audition! Saturday, September 6, 5:30pm. Zinc Bar 82 W3rd St.


FORTUNE TELLER: Female, early 30s. Very sexy, especially in her voice. Flirts with the audience. Something about her makes you think that she might not just tell the future, but be the future herself.

PREACHER: Male, 50s. Big voice and personality. No one knows how he can be out so late Saturday nights and still make it to church on time Sunday mornings.

TRUMPET PLAYER: Male, middle-aged. Quirky. Charismatic, so the tourists love him. Works at an outdoor jazz venue where he presents the New Orleans life in a true, but unlucky light, in order to capitalize on tips from the tourists. Trumpet playing not necessary.

GUITARIST: Male, 30s. A hopeless romantic in many aspects of life, but the most hopeless when it comes to getting over his ex-girlfriend. Loves the city of New Orleans. A little lacking in luster. Not a rock star. Drinking problem. Guitar playing not necessary.

DANCER: Female, early 20s. Works as a stripper on Bourbon St., selling her sexuality to the men who frequent the club, but doesn’t quite understand her own sexuality. Finds beauty in the stone angel that stands atop her mother's grave. Must be ok with performing a strip tease and putting on makeup without a mirror. 18+

PIANO MAN: Male, late 30s. Mysterious musician type. Shares heartfelt life stories with his audience. Not afraid to appear vulgar or vulnerable. Must be ok with smoke. Piano playing not necessary.

CRAZY GIRL: Female, early-mid 20s. Colorful personality. Excited by life. A little odd, maybe even crazy. She has strong ideas and is proud to share them.

JESUS THE MACHINE GUN: 18 to play younger. Comes from a poor family. Hustles on the street for money, but not yet jaded by the world. Likes to escape into a world of imagination where he becomes an invented character. Tap dancing required.

CANOE BOY: Male, 20s Outdoorsy type. Canooed 3,270 miles over 8 months to bring his uncle’s ashes to New Orleans. On a mission to bring heart disease awareness to everyone he meets, as if it will bring his uncle back. The nicest person you ever met. He says his uncle is the nicest person he’s ever met. Canadian accent a plus.

ST. ANNE MARCHER 1: Female, 30s. Loves her friend Phillip and wants to make him proud. Today is a celebration of life. Of the lives that once existed, of the lives that are being lived right now, and the lives that will come in the future.

ST. ANNE Marcher 2: Male, 30s. Eternally dedicated to his lover Phillip. Hasn’t had the time to process Phillip's death, or what life will be like without him.

DEACON: Male, Middle-aged/older. A loving and forgiving man with a tough message to share.

Please send headshot and resume to with "INTERLUDES SUBMISSION" in the title line. Include which role(s) you are interested in, and any other relevant information. You will be added to the audition list, and will be contacted with a date, time, location, and sides.