The Book of Mormon Clan Pick Their Favorite "South Park" Episodes

By Adam Hetrick
22 Dec 2011

Brian Tyree Henry

The Book of Mormon's blood-thirsty General, Brian Tyree Henry.

Favorite Episode: To narrow down my favorite "South Park" episode would be an impossibility, but after much consideration and a glass of bourbon, I have decided that "Smug Alert" and "The Return of the Fellowship of the Lord of the Rings" episodes are by far the best. What I love the most about both of these episodes are not only are the children of "South Park" showcased but the buffoonery of their parents is also highlighted.

Favorite Moment: In "Smug Alert" [Randy] purchases a Prius not because he thinks it will save the environment but because everyone else has one. And it inflates his sense of being better than everyone else, creating a smugness that makes him and everyone else who owns a Prius love the smell of their own farts.

In the "Lord of the Rings" episode, it is almost a screen-by-screen remake of the movie where the boys reenact the movie as different characters. However the quest to return the "ring," which in actuality is what is considered "the greatest porno ever made," has the parents in an uproar to get the tape back from the children before they can return it or even watch it. Unbeknownst to everyone, Butters has witnessed what is on the tape and turns into a Gollum-like character referring to the porno as "my precious." "South Park" has been a huge staple of my childhood and adult life, and I couldn't be more thrilled that I was asked to do this. I will now go and cry in a corner for fear that I left any other episode I love out.

Favorite Character: My favorite character other than the brilliantly racist Eric Cartman would have to be Randy Marsh. Randy represents the upstanding American ideal of the everyman, but also the down-right retardation of the American everyman.