The Book of Mormon Clan Pick Their Favorite "South Park" Episodes

By Adam Hetrick
22 Dec 2011

Nikki M. James

Tony Award winner Nikki M. James, who plays Nabulungi, a young villager with a dream of a better life.

Favorite Episode: Phew. There are way too many hilarious and outrageous episodes to choose just ONE. I'm going with two, and you can't stop me. I love "Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo" and "Canada on Strike."

Favorite Moment: I love season one. I remember watching it in high school and discussing it with all of my friends at the lunch table the next day. The "Christmas Poo" episode reminds me so much of the Peanuts holiday special. I also really love the musical-ish episodes, for obvious reasons. The song Kyle sings about being a Jew on Christmas is both heartbreaking and hilarious (kinda reminds me a of a sweet little ballad in Book of Mormon). Coming up with a "new" icon to make sure everyone feels included in the Christmas holiday is brilliant, but a Christmas POO? I mean, these guys are totally messed up. While the town goes crazy erasing Christmas, poor Kyle accidentally becomes a kinda prophet, and let's face it being a prophet is hard. This episode is really top-notch stuff, I believe in MR. HANKY!

"Canada on Strike" became a favorite of mine from the first time I watched it. At the time I was living in Canada working on a show at The Stratford Shakespeare Festival. All of my Canadian friends and I DIED laughing and spent weeks calling each other friend or guy or buddy. Buddy!

Favorite Character: Cartman. That little chubby kid is a complete egomaniac but is also wildly insecure and totally bizarre, plus his mom is hot.