The Book of Mormon Clan Pick Their Favorite "South Park" Episodes

By Adam Hetrick
22 Dec 2011

Rory O'Malley

Rory O'Malley, who plays tap-dancing missionary Elder McKinley.

Favorite Episode: "Cartoon Wars Part 1 and 2"
This is the episode where everyone is freaking out because Mohammed is going to appear on an episode of "Family Guy," and the whole country is up in arms because the terrorists may retaliate. It's a two-part brilliant episode where they make fun of the writing of "Family Guy," "Simpsons" and their own show. It's a genius satire of their own art form and pushes freedom of speech to the max.

Favorite Moment in the Episode:
At the climax of the episode when Mohammed is supposed to appear on "Family Guy," the screen goes black with a statement that Comedy Central will not allow that image on the screen. It was a huge reminder of the boundaries placed on freedom of speech and Matt and Trey's constant attempt to break them down. Brilliant!

Favorite Character: Manatees