The Book of Mormon Clan Pick Their Favorite "South Park" Episodes

By Adam Hetrick
22 Dec 2011

Robert Lopez

Tony-winning Book of Mormon co-author Robert Lopez.

Favorite Episode: "Awesom-O"
I think this may be the best of the Butters-Cartman episodes, which I think may be the best of the "South Park" episodes. There are no two more dynamically opposed characters on TV, leading to hilarious, intensely situation-based comedy. In this one Cartman pretends to be a robot in order to destroy an incriminating video Butters has of him. It's like a classic "I Love Lucy." Add that to Trey and Matt's sense of humor – Cartman as the robot becomes a Hollywood success pitching Adam Sandler movies – and something purely original, purely "South Park" emerges.

Favorite Moment: Cartman, exhausted and sweaty from wearing the cardboard box for days, trying to eat as much of a tube of toothpaste as quickly as he can.

Favorite Character: In this one, Butters. He's so dorky and naive and cute. I love the little songs he hums and his little epithets (aw, hamburgers!)