PLAYBILL PICKS: The Top Theatre Stories of 2011 From Spider-Man to Sondheim to Site-Specific Shows

By Robert Simonson
23 Dec 2011

Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan in Bonnie & Clyde.
photo by Nathan Johnson

RUNNING WILDHORN: Following the deflation of his sudden prominence in 1999, when he had three plays simultaneously running on Broadway (none of which made their money back during their Broadway lives), nobody was exactly sending composer Frank Wildhorn a gilt-edged invitation to come back to Broadway. But it turned out the songwriter wasn't checking his mailbox anyway. He was busy writing new shows (internationally) and finding fresh backers (his Dracula musical played Broadway, briefly, in 2004). In 2011, against all odds, he returned with two musicals: Wonderland, a modern take on "Alice in Wonderland," which ran a few weeks in the spring; and Bonnie & Clyde, which won from the stubborn critical corps what are arguably the best reviews of Wildhorn's career. If little encouragement led Wildhorn to a year like 2011, imagine what he'll do with a little encouragement. Bonnie & Clyde will close prematurely on Dec. 30. Read the Playbill magazine feature about the making of Bonnie & Clyde