IN MEMORIAM: Remembers Those We Lost in 2011

By Robert Simonson
29 Dec 2011

Arthur Laurents

Arthur Laurents, 93, the irascible, enduring Man of the Theatre who wrote plays and screenplays and enjoyed a significant career as a director, but who made his lasting mark as the librettist to two landmark musicals, West Side Story and Gypsy, on May 5 at his Manhattan home.

Sidney Michaels, an American playwright who scored a string of notable Broadway productions in the 1960s, including Tchin-Tchin and Dylan, on April 22 in Westport, CT.

Russell Warner, in his 70s, an orchestrator, composer, music director and dance arranger, on April 26 in Seattle.

Marian Mercer, 75, who won a Tony Award for her performance in the hit 1960s musical Promises, Promises, on April 27 in Newbury Park, CA.

John Cossette, 54, a Broadway and television producer, on April 26.

Farley Granger, 85, an edgy youthful lead in films following World War II, particularly the notable Hitchcock thrillers "Strangers on a Train" and "Rope," on March 27 in New York.

John Scoullar, 61, a composer, lyricist, playwright and performer, on March 25, in New York.