PLAYBILL PICKS: From Jafar to Scar to Gaston, A Rogues' Gallery of Disney Stage Villains

By Michael Gioia
07 Apr 2012

Clayton in the animated feature film "Tarzan."

Villain: Clayton
Musical: Tarzan
Crime: On Prof. Porter and his daughter Jane's wildlife expedition in Africa, Clayton tags along as their guide. When he realizes that Jane is falling for the ape-raised human Tarzan, he becomes jealous of their relationship. He later tricks Tarzan into showing him the gorilla nesting grounds. There, Clayton finds and kills Kerchak, Tarzan's father figure and leader of the gorillas.
Onstage: The role of Clayton was played by Donnie R. Keshawarz in the Broadway adaptation, which officially opened May 10, 2006, at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.
Musical Numbers: Although Clayton doesn't sing any of the Phil Collins score, the audience begins to see the hunter's jealous side when Jane sings "Like No Man I've Ever Seen" and Tarzan talks of the "Strangers Like Me."

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