PLAYBILL PICKS: From Jafar to Scar to Gaston, A Rogues' Gallery of Disney Stage Villains

By Michael Gioia
07 Apr 2012

Logan Hart and Bailey Hanks
Photo by Gerry Goodstein

Villain: Sharpay Evans
Musical: High School Musical
Crime: "Let's put it this way, no one has beaten out Sharpay for a musical since kindergarten!" In walks Gabriella Montez, who decides to try out her acting abilities at East High School by auditioning for the lead of Juliet and Romeo, the drama club's adaptation of the Shakespeare classic. When Gabriella earns herself a callback, Sharpay loses it and decides to sabotage three things precious to Gabriella: Her relationship (with love interest Troy Bolton), her social status and, most importantly, her callback.
Onstage: The role of Sharpay was played by Bailey Hanks, winner of the MTV reality series "Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods," in the stage version's professional New York City-area staging at Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ.
Musical Numbers: In the first act, Sharpay sings the duet "What I've Been Looking For" with her brother — the equally talented, but far less manipulating — Ryan Evans. In the second act, the dynamic duo takes it up a notch with "Bop to the Top," stating that you must "bump the competition" and "blow them all away"! Both songs were borrowed from the show's source material — the smash TV movie musical.

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