STAGE TO SCREENS: Sutton Foster Talks About "Bunheads," a TV Series That Keeps Her On Her Toes

By Kenneth Jones
25 Jun 2012

Foster with castmates Emma Dumont and Julia Goldani Telles
Photo by Adam Taylor
TV shoots are notorious for the waiting-around-before-filming. Broadway shows require stamina, but so do 10-hours days at the studio. What's that like?
SF: There is a lot of waiting but there are also a lot of lines to memorize! It's definitely a different pace, but like anything there is a rhythm…and once you get into that groove it's really OK.

Every actor builds professional muscles and skills with each new project. What are you learning at "Bunheads"?
SF: I'm learning to just leap into the work. There isn't time to get in your own way or get scared, and every day is a brand new challenge. I'm doing things I have never done before almost every day, and that is exciting.

I know you're a Georgia and Michigan girl (and NYC of course). Is there a sense of culture shock to being in California? What do you do there that you haven't done in New York? (Besides drive!) Is there amazing Mexican food in your life? Shasta soda? Disneyland?
SF: Right now it's pretty much all about work. But I am really enjoying the change of pace. I was in need of a change and this just came at the right time.

Stacey Orisanto and Sutton Foster on "Bunheads."
photo by Adam Taylor

Nature is right outside your door. The ocean. The mountains. Has there been time to experience it? Have you hiked? Do you find that you — how do I put it? — breathe differently there?
SF: I will say that I love the vibe out here — the sunshine. I have a backyard where I live, and my dog Linus can play there. I love having a car and I guess it's just nice having a different lifestyle. Although I do miss New York.

How many episodes of the show are planned, and how far along are you in the shooting? Are you sticking around L.A. for awhile, after the filming?
SF: We are shooting Episode 8 right now. So far we are only shooting 10 episodes and we should hopefully know soon if we are picked up for more.

When are you back in NYC? And (selfish question for theatre fans) are there windows in your TV schedule that allow for theatre or concert engagements?
SF: I do have several concert dates set for the fall! It'll be nice to sing again.

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