THE LEADING MEN: "American Idol" Alum Anthony Fedorov Finds a "Season of Love" in Off-Broadway's Rent

By Michael Gioia
07 Jul 2012

Fedorov on "American Idol."

I read on your website that you were born with a birth defect that might have prevented you from becoming a singer. Now you've taken on both "Idol" and musical theatre…
AF: Yes. When I was a toddler, I had a tracheotomy because I couldn't breathe. They had to cut a hole in my neck, basically, and perform this procedure. I was breathing out of a tube for about the first four years of my life… I have been extremely blessed. I have some amazing people who believe in me and continue to push me to do what I love. It's been a great journey for me so far. And, I owe everything to "Idol" because "Idol" opened up these doors for me. I've tried to distance myself from the show over the years because you want to get to a point in your career when you're no longer "that kid from 'American Idol'." Having said that, I always acknowledge the fact that without "Idol," I wouldn't be anywhere. I'm extremely grateful to that show for giving me a chance, and these last six years have really been up to me. It's been up to me to make it happen, and now I really get to play a role of a lifetime. I have several shows on my bucket list, and [Rent] is one of the shows that I now get to cross off.

What other shows and/or roles are among your bucket list?
AF: Jesus Christ Superstar, definitely. I want to play Jesus and Judas. I would love to do Les Miz at some point. I know right now I look old enough to play Marius, but I definitely would love to — in like 20-25 years — get on that stage and start singing, "God on high, hear my prayer…" [Laughs.]

Tell me a bit about your music career. Your first album, "Never Over," was released last year?
AF: Yeah. We released my album, "Never Over," last year. It's a very rewarding project that I got the chance to do because these are all my original songs. And, I dedicated this album in my brother's memory. I wrote the song ["Never Over"] for him when he was sick…

You've recently been a part of the Broadway Sings for Pride and Broadway Backwards concerts. Is there any chance you'll debut your original music while you're in New York?
AF: That's one of the things that we're discussing right now, so I'm hoping that will happen at some point during my run. I think it would be great.

Rent just announced its closing date. Does this put a damper on going in?
AF: It's not something that makes me feel too good, but what makes it special is that I get to close out the show. We're going out with a bang, and I get to be a part of it. It's not going to be for [the originally scheduled] six months; it's only going to be for a couple of months. But like I said, even rehearsals have been such a blessing. I can't wait to do two months of it. It's sad, but what can you do? "No Day But Today," right?

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