THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: Silence! The Musical and "Queer As Folk" Star Randy Harrison Shares His Theatregoing Experiences

By Andrew Gans
08 Aug 2012


Le retour au desert at Comedie Française. 

"I find Bernard-Marie Koltès's (pictured) plays to be so challenging. I always leave the theatre with this never-ending, spiraling debate going on in my head. This was the first play I ever saw at the Comedie Française, which is an experience unto itself. Even if you don't speak French, if you are a theatre person it's worth seeing something there. There's such history, and the space itself is so gorgeous and surprisingly intimate. This production of Le retour au desert was really aggressive and harrowing. This is another one I was lucky to see because Koltès's brother ended up shutting down the production because an Algerian character wasn't being played by an Algerian actor, as stipulated by Koltès."