THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: Silence! The Musical and "Queer As Folk" Star Randy Harrison Shares His Theatregoing Experiences

By Andrew Gans
08 Aug 2012


Les Éphémères - Théatre du Soleil. 


"This was the best 'epic theatre' experience I've ever had. I saw it in the Park Avenue Amory over the course of two evenings; I think the total running time was over nine hours. Afterwards, I felt like I'd lived another separate life with these characters. I actually found myself missing them and wanting to hang out more. Ariane Mnouchkine's company is truly remarkable; they're this hierarchy-free theatre collective that live communally in Easter Paris. Their work feels different than anything else I've ever seen. There's no artifice - you enter through their dressing rooms; during intermission the company sets up big banquet tables and serves dinner and eats with you. It was an extraordinary experience."