Hope Davis and James Rebhorn to Join Hugh Jackman and Anthony Mackie in "Real Steel"

By Thomas Peter
02 Jun 2010

Tony Award nominee Hope Davis will appear opposite Tony Award winner Hugh Jackman in "Real Steel," a sci-fi film from Dreamworks that will begin shooting later this month, according to Variety.

Shawn Levy will direct the film from a script by John Gatins. Anthony Mackie, Evangeline Lilly and James Rebhorn will also star alongside Kevin Durand, Olga Fonda and Dakota Goyo.

The film takes a look at the new sport of robot boxing, which proves to be the chance for a former boxer's comeback when he and his son team up to train a hopeful competitor in the technical wizardry of the sport.

Don Murphy, Susan Montford and Levy will produce the film. A 2011 release is expected.