What Musical Would You Like to See Receive a Sequel? Playbill Readers Pick Their Favorites

By Michael Gioia
18 Sep 2012

John Tartaglia in Avenue Q.
Photo by Carol Rosegg

Liz Greenberg: An Avenue Q [sequel entitled] Q2, or another avenue. Cast is now 10 years older, and purpose is still elusive.

A 10-years-later sequel to the Tony Award-winning musical Avenue Q was suggested on both Twitter and Facebook. Ten years later, the characters of Q will be in their 30s, and after all, 30 is the new 20! When we left off, Princeton and Kate reconciled their differences, Rod came out of the closet and a newcomer took up residence at Avenue Q. The sequel can explore the ups and downs of Princeton and Kate, Kate's School for Monsters, Rod and Ricky's marriage, Brian's ongoing quest for a new job, Trekkie Monster's favorite pastime and the life and times of the Avenue Q newbie.  Continued...