What Musical Would You Like to See Receive a Sequel? Playbill Readers Pick Their Favorites

By Michael Gioia
18 Sep 2012

Larry Kert in Company.
Photo by Zodiac Photographers

Brian Bailey: How about Company… Bobby would be 77 now and dealing with being alone again. Imagine the follow-up to "Being Alive"!

The Tony Award-winning musical Company is the story of New York bachelor Bobby, who learns about the married life through a series of vignettes. What happens if, at 77 years old, Bobby still is alone? In reply to Bailey's Company sequel suggestion, Facebook user Jon Rosen added, "Brian: 'Being Almost Alive'… Or, Bobby might have Alzheimer's… 'Being Forgetful'… Or, maybe he has rotten kids… 'Being Abused'… There are SO many possibilities at 77!" This time, we could see the musical from an older person's perspective. Here's to the ladies who brunch…? A comic Company!  Continued...