CUE & A REVISITED: When Did You Know You Wanted to Perform For a Living?; 60 Actors Respond

By Playbill Staff
10 Nov 2012

Christine Lakin
Christine Lakin
I don't know if I knew it, but I've done it since just after I was on my parents' fireplace "stage" singing along to my Annie record at age 3. I don't think I had much choice in the matter... I guess it's always been a bit of a blessed curse that this is what I'm drawn to do.

Erin Mackey
My 3rd grade production of Mary Poppins. I was painfully shy, but I wanted to play Jane so badly, so I braved the auditions. It was about then I decided I wanted to dress up and tell stories for my job.

Andrew Varela
When I played the lead in a 4th grade production of Hubbub on the Bookshelf.