CUE & A REVISITED: When Did You Know You Wanted to Perform For a Living?; 60 Actors Respond

By Playbill Staff
10 Nov 2012

Lauren Molina
Lauren Molina
My freshman year of college. I was undecided in my major, taking a smattering of liberal arts classes, but doing tons of extracurricular student-produced shows.

I got up the courage to audition for the music school as a voice major, then transferred into the Musical Theatre Program at University of Michigan the following year.

Bryce Ryness
My freshman year of high school I had a baseball career-ending injury. So I poured all my energy into singing. That spring, with a cast on my arm, I sang "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" with Wendi Bergamini. She was a senior.

The rush I got from singing with Wendi (also smokin' hot), who was a SENIOR (and I the lowly freshman), and the roar of laughter and joy from the audience when I dropped into the hook sent me over the edge.

Ari Graynor
There was never another option.