Jed Bernstein Continues NYC's Commercial Theater Institute's 30-Year History of Training Producers

By Michael Gioia
08 Nov 2012

Founder Frederic B. Vogel

"There are a couple areas that people are most interested in," said Bernstein about the programs at CTI. "One of them is investors and money raising. That's the [topic] that has a great cloak of mystery around it for people who haven't [produced] before and where people are particularly hungry for information and advice. The other useful [topic] is understanding the financial and capital structure of the industry — what are the deals, how are shows capitalized and organized… So I would say those are two key areas. And, the whole area of marketing and promotion…because the rest of it isn't worth anything if people don't show up to see your show!"

Although CTI has mainly focused on Broadway and the New York theatre community in its 31 years, the company has recently expanded to offer seminars in cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles as well as online. The CTI webinars allow prospective producers from all over the country to plug into the wealth of knowledge being shared in and around New York City.

The 2012-13 curriculum includes sessions such as "Investor Relations & Here's the Pitch," "Theatre History 101," "Commercial Producing Off-Broadway," "Advanced Topics in Budgeting Analysis," "Marketing: Measurement, Analysis & Tactics," "Producing Workshops, Readings & Showcases: A Practical Approach," "Advanced Topics in Producing: CTI-Chicago One-Day Program," "Exploiting Your License," "Investor Relations & Here's the Pitch," "Who Gets What? A Half-Day Intensive Seminar" and the "6th Annual CTI-O'Neill Summer Workshop: A Producing Practicum."

"He did two very important things," said Bernstein about late CTI founder Vogel. "One was that he proved that you could teach [producing] in a much more sophisticated way [as opposed to the apprentice system]. And, the other was that he provided a peer group for early-stage producers. Producing, like a lot of parts of our business, is a very lonely, individual task — particularly when you're first getting started… I'm always the first one to say that the best part of CTI, above and beyond what knowledge is transferred, is the fact that it's a networking, career-building opportunity for everybody."

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