PLAYBILL BRIEF ENCOUNTER With Yvonne Strahovski, Golden Boy's Incandescent Lorna Moon

By Mervyn Rothstein
16 Dec 2012

Strahovski on "Chuck."
Photo by Danny Feld – © NBCUniversal, Inc.
Could you tell me a little bit about your childhood, and your parents, how you got interested in theatre and how you got started in Australia.
YS: I was always a bit of a showoff when I was a kid, a bit of a clown. I started young — I think my parents could see from day one I was going to be some kind of performer. From a very early age, I would always make my mom film my friends and me goofing around in front of the camera, making up our own series, our own documentaries and things. We have a lot of home videos like that, which is always fun. My mom put me in my first acting class when I was 12. I was always involved in all the drama classes where I could be in school productions. I did my first Shakespeare when I was 14 — I played Viola in Twelfth Night. Straight out of high school I went for my three-year acting degree. Then I worked for three years in Australia before I came to the States in 2007.

I understand it was "Chuck" that brought you to this country. How did that happen?
YS: I was just coming over for TV pilot season. Once I landed, "Chuck" happened. I never got to use my return ticket home, because I stayed on. Now I live here.

Did you audition for "Chuck"?
YS: I sent a tape over from Australia. I put down a little audition in Sydney before I got on the plane. Then I got on the plane and landed, and a couple of days later we got a call saying they had seen the tape. I went and had a couple of meetings, and by the end of the week I had the job. It was sort of being thrown in the deep end, which feels like how things have been going for me. I tend to get thrown in the deep end, like with Golden Boy and Broadway. That's why I sort of made the decision to go with the flow and take it day by day.

What was it like working with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen on your new movie, "The Guilt Trip," where you play Seth Rogen's former high school sweetheart?
YS: I feel honored to have been able to work with them, especially Barbra Streisand, who's such a legend. It was a lot of fun. Their dynamic is very funny on set and the script was very funny, so I'm looking forward to actually seeing the movie.

You haven't seen it yet?
YS: No, not yet.