PLAYBILL EXCLUSIVE: Who's Who? Edwin Drood Troupers Share Bios of Their Alter-Ego Show Folk

By Playbill Staff
20 Dec 2012

Jessie Mueller as Janet Conover
Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia

Janet Conover (Jessie Mueller)
Janet Conover is thrilled to return to the Music Hall Royale this holiday season, in the Dickensian thriller The Mystery of Edwin Drood. She has been drawing crowds since her star turn as Chai Neeyce in Her Biggest Fan. Thrilling audiences with her highly dramatic portrayals, favorite roles include Cleopatra, her one-woman "Jungle Book," and signature tunes "The Rice Is Nice in the Paddy," "Don't Knip My Knish" and "Twice Like the French." As always, she thanks you for spending your hard-earned money on a night at the theatre and encourages you to make a bit 'o' noise, kick back, have a drink (have a few!) And above all...enjoy the show!