PLAYBILL EXCLUSIVE: Who's Who? Edwin Drood Troupers Share Bios of Their Alter-Ego Show Folk

By Playbill Staff
20 Dec 2012

Will Chase as Clive Paget
Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia

Clive Paget (Will Chase)
Clive Paget-b. 1860. Born George Clive Henry in Westminster. Oldest of three boys, son of Dan Henry and Loisa Kean. Dan, a trumpet player in the Brighouse Cocksure Band, taught young George and brothers Percy and Henry (yes, Henry Henry!) music as well as trumpet, with George excelling on trumpet and later piano. Along with these skills and his mother's urging him to sing (she a chorister in Westminster's Episcopalian Canon Madrigal Singers), young George and his brothers formed A Trio of Henrys, one of outer London's most popular music hall acts, appearing annually at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane Christmas pantomimes. It was soon apparent that George, with his smart looks and glorious voice, was the main attraction and he soon embarked on a career on his own as a thespian, singer and all around showman. Dropping the "George" and "Henry," and taking the surname Paget (claiming he was a true servant to the great composers and writers [Paget being the Middle English occupational name for a servant]), Clive has wowed Englishmen (and women!) from his performances at the Theatre Royal Lyceum and English Opera House in Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte and Shakespeare's Hamlet (under the direction of Sir Henry Irving's brother Phil) all the way to Leeds, Liverpool, and John-Upon-Hamptoncaught and its famed Canterbury Pavillion Circle in such music hall hits as Goodbye Sweet Kenneth, Where Did You Get That Crumpet? and with fellow Drood mate William Cartwright, Bob IS Your Uncle and the father-son tragicomedy play-within-a-play operetta, Chaucer and Me, taking all of England (and some parts of Wales) by the tail, all three tails of the lions some say, with the popular song "Both Sides of the Coin." With a voice from the angels, and a likeness to our very own Royal, Prince Albert, Clive Paget has become known as England's theatrical Cock of the Walk, a favorite of the fairer sex, and a gem in Thespis' most glorious crown, and tonight, your True and Loyal Servant.