THE LEADING MEN: Will Chase and Jim Norton, Two "Sides of the Coin" in The Mystery of Edwin Drood

By Michael Gioia
14 Jan 2013

Chase on "Smash."

As for "Smash," do we see any window of opportunity for coming back in Season Two?
WC: Who knows! I'm hearing things, but I believe things when I'm there. It's just like whenever I get offered a Broadway show, [I think], "Yeah, I'll believe that when I'm sitting in the rehearsal room." I mean, I don't think so. I think that storyline might be dead, but you never know. It's television!

Have you been keeping in touch with your "Smash" co-stars?
WC: Oh, yeah. Me and [Christian] Borle tend to have a weekly steak and glass of wine. And, you can't not run into "Smash" folks because they're all in our industry anyway. [Laughs.] It's lovely that it shoots here. It's funny — I just love that people are impassioned about it. Whether they like it or they don't like it, I love that it's a topic of conversation because it's our world. It's what we do. And, of course, there are moments of great truths in it, and there are moments of, "this is television, and we have to fit this into 46 minutes," which is why I like television as well.

Have your kids been to see Drood a few times?
WC: Only 13 times! [Laughs.] They've seen, I think, every murderer. They love it. My daughter Daisy will come again tonight. The cool thing about our show, too, is that it is a show you can come back to see, and it will be different. You let Andy Karl loose or Peter Benson loose, you're going to see a different show anyway. [Laughs.] … Fingers crossed we'll extend again. It's the kind of show — when you're in, especially — you [think], "Oh, please, can this run for a while?" That's typically not Roundabout's thing, but shows like this come along very rarely with this kind of… I call it true Broadway cast. I'm very proud of it.