THE LEADING MEN: Broadway Newcomer Corey Cott Seizes the Day in Disney's Newsies

By Michael Gioia
02 Mar 2013

Kara Lindsay and Corey Cott in Newsies.
Photo by Heidi Gutman

"The spot opened in Newsies," Cott continued, "and I went in, and it felt just so right. I mean, that was probably the biggest audition of my life — that audition."

During that audition, Cott was paired with Newsies leading lady — and fellow Carnegie Mellon alum — Kara Lindsay, who stars as the headstrong, yet quirky, journalist Katherine Plumber. Although Cott's demeanor comes off as cool and collected, nerves were at an all-time high for the Broadway-bound actor.

"I knew of [Kara] because she was like one of the star alums, and I knew that she was awesome, and everyone talked so highly of her — and rightfully so!" Cott explained. "I was a little star struck when she was in my audition. I [thought], 'Oh no! The awesome Carnegie Mellon alum, who is killing it on Broadway this year… I've got to do good!'"

At the audition, with most of the creative team in the room — including Disney Theatrical Productions president Thomas Schumacher — Cott and Lindsay were asked to perform the scene before the second-act duet "Something to Believe In." Before they began Lindsay gave Cott the heads up and said, "I'm gonna kiss you!" Cott thought, "Okay! I guess we're going there, aren't we?"

Although the duo's first kiss made for an awkward beginning, they soon began to bond over their own individual love stories. "We both got engaged within a month of each other, so that was kind of cool. We had something to talk about right off the bat." Former Memphis cast member Kevin Massey popped the question to Lindsay last summer.