THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 7, Or, Rewrite This Story

By Kenneth Jones
21 Mar 2013

Debra Messing and Christian Borle
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Among notable events of this episode:

DANCING FOOL: Composer Tom (Christian Borle), who has taken over direction of Bombshell, is having great "fun" being at the helm, but the new choreography by the wordless new choreographer leaves something to be desired. And Tom does not speak the same shorthand as Karen (who was Derek's choice for Marilyn). And the producers lack confidence in Tom. Incredibly, Derek agrees to allow the Bombshell producers to use his earlier choreography.

"AMAHZING" CAMEO: Seth Rudetsky, the pungent-snarky-funny music director who has cloned himself to become a multifaceted theatre celebrity — novelist, radio talk show host, actor, playwright and popular columnist and Playbill Video host (his work can be found at appears in a cameo, voice recorder in hand, to interview first-nighters at the Broadway opening of Liaisons, the period musical drama starring Ivy (Megan Hilty) and a miscast Hollywood star, Terry Falls (played by Sean Hayes). Seth makes a sour face when he cannot get a straight answer from Karen and Tom about Bombshell: Is it "edgy" or "old-fashioned"? It seems that director Tom and actress Karen are still not on the same page about their show. Seth manages to slip his signature word, "amahzing," into the scene before he disappears. (Check out Seth's weekly Onstage & Backstage columns.). Karen and Tom later greet Ivy at the stage door to congratulate her on the Bomb she's in. Karen sees that Tom and Ivy are a true artistic match, and she quits Bombshell, on the street, opening up the possibility for soon-to-be-jobless Ivy to go back to play Marilyn, and Karen to join the shaggy Hit List, even though Jimmy is moody and shifty and combative. But Karen's sage advice is breaking Jimmy down: The theme, she says, "is already there: it's about reinvention; changing who you are, your destiny."