THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 8, Or, Tomfoolery

By Kenneth Jones
28 Mar 2013

Krysta Rodriguez
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

AUDITION: Karen's actress pal, Ana (Krysta Rodriguez), urges Karen to go out on a limb and tell Jimmy that she likes him. Ana goes out on a limb herself and vivaciously sings Beyonce's hit, "If I Were a Boy," on top of a bar in front of the cast and crew of Hit List. She wants the role of The Diva in Hit List, and Derek is duly impressed. She's hired! Who needs Broadway and TV star Lea Michele? (We prefer these singing-in-bar numbers to any of the fantasy sequences in the series. Bring 'em on!) P.S. Kyle is seen making out at the bar with MTW techie Blake, played by Daniel Abeles. The librettist does have some passion, after all.