THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 13 or I Wanna Be a Producer

By Ben Rimalower
29 Apr 2013

Jeremy Jordan and Scarlett Benchley
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Julia and Tom proceed to engage in some ridiculously high school back-and-forth of, "You said you didn't want to do it," "No, I didn't," "Yes, you did," "Nuh-uh" "Uh-huh," in which Julia even goes downtown to tell Scott she's pulling her play from MTW and going to do the musical adaptation with Tom after all, only to change her mind and go back uptown and have the same fight with Tom all over again.

Then, in what I can only hope is an homage to Charley Kringas' "Franklin Shepherd, Inc." meltdown in Merrily We Roll Along, Julia and Tom spend their Q&A at Table 46 (hosted by Bombshell's Marilyn Monroe, Ivy Lynn, tickets and info at passive-aggressively jabbing at each other until Tom finally just plainly says they are no longer working together. Julia asks him to just give her time, saying working without him on "Gatsby" is the first thing that's made her happy in years. It's not much of an argument for reconciliation.

Meanwhile, downtown, there is Jimmy drama! It starts when he's well over two hours late for a photo shoot for the cover of New York magazine, which for an Off-Broadway musical that hasn't even opened yet, is, to say the least, borrowing a phrase from Oscar Hammerstein, to let his golden chances pass him by.

No one can find him. Kyle says he didn't come home last night (and worst of all, it's reported he left the theater in his costume!). He finally stumbles out of a cab, flanked by floozies, and throws a tantrum when he finds Derek auditioning Sam, formerly of Bombshell, to be his understudy. Even Jimmy, even Jimmy drunk (or high on whatever he has in those little quarter bags), ought to realize if anyone needs an understudy, it's surely him, but an argument ensues and Derek warns Jimmy he better deliver tonight or he's fired from his role in Hit List.

After all, tonight is important, more important than the first preview—more important than the opening night—tonight is the night when every major Broadway producer is going to be in the house (Kevin McCollum, Daryl Roth, EVERYONE). Tonight, if you dropped a bomb on Manhattan Theater Workshop, there would no Broadway, there would be NO TONY AWARDS!