THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 13 or I Wanna Be a Producer

By Ben Rimalower
29 Apr 2013

Worst of all, Jimmy misses his cue to catch Karen after her character is shot and while she sustains only a minor scratch on her arm, we cut to commercial on the image of Jimmy cradling a bleeding Karen in his arms, murmuring apologies full of sorrow and regret.

Despite all the excitement in the air and a standing ovation, Kevin McCollum and Daryl Roth pass. "Like Hedwig and Rocky Horror Picture Show," Hit List is too edgy, Agnes comments in her loyal-to-Bombshell effort to sabotage Hit List. There's edgy and then there's the cliff.

Well, maybe to them. Maybe most producers are motivated by money, but not Eileen Rand. Eileen has taste. She may tell Derek she can't transfer Hit List to Broadway and she may even still believe it herself, but as she looks out her office window at the Bombshell marquee lit up in Times Square, she holds the Hit List Playbill up to the light, and it's not hard to join her in imagining these two jewels shining together in her Broadway crown. And it doesn't hurt that ticket sales for Bombshell have gone up, possibly due to the public break-up of Tom and Julia. 

Karen wants to go get drunk with everyone at the bar, so her stage manager files only the barest minimum of Actors Equity injury paperwork and just advises Karen to get her arm looked at.

At the bar, Kyle's co-dependence is in full gear. He'll apologize for Jimmy to anyone who'll listen and when he's told that Jimmy is fired from the cast, Kyle wants to be the one to tell Jimmy. Sure, Jimmy will lash out at him, but to quote Carousel again, "If someone you love hits you, it doesn't hurt at all."