Singing a Victory Song: First-Time Broadway Composers Receive Tony Nominations for Best Score

By Carey Purcell
01 May 2013

With his wild hair and notoriously heavy eye makeup, Tim Minchin isn't the first man to come to mind when thinking about the composer of a warm-hearted children's musical. And looking at his portfolio of work would not exactly change one's mind – Minchin has played some racy roles on the stage and screen and written numerous songs about his sex scandals, religion and prejudice. Minchin, who said his songs "just happen to be funny," just happened to write a score that is funny, sarcastic and inspiring all at the same time, portraying everything from the rebellious thoughts of a five-year-old girl to the wayward fantasties of a terrorizing school headmistress to a love letter from a man to his television. If all of these songs just "happen to be funny," then the odds for Minchin have been very good. (Read's interview with Minchin here.)