There's No People Like Show People: How to Host a Tony Awards Party Like a Pro with Broadway-Themed Drink Recipes

By Carey Purcell
26 May 2013

When the guests arrive at your home, have a red carpet waiting for them. It can roll from the hallway into your apartment, or from the foyer into your living room. And what's a red carpet without a media wall? You can buy one from a party supply store or online. Have a table nearby with disposable cameras (or iPhone chargers) and statues of trophies so your guests can pose with their own trophies. Encourage as many glamour (or goofy) shots as possible, along with the classic “You like me. You really like me!” pose. For a final touch, Instagram the photos to give them a more glamorous look.

What fun is an awards show without casting your own ballots for who you think will win? Have your guests fill out a ballot before the ceremony begins with who they think will take the prize in each category — not who they want to win. If you have a $5 or $10 contribution to play, with winner take all, the stakes could get pretty high!

No good host or hostess lets his or her guests go hungry. Rather than simply ordering take out, make the food a part of the party! Decide on your menu by selecting themed food inspired by the nominees for Best Play and Best Musical. In honor of the Jewish family celebrating Christmas in The Assembled Parties, serve matzoh ball soup. Mike McAlary, the main character of Lucky Guy, was Irish, which calls for corned beef and potatoes in his honor. The Testament of Mary obviously requires some sacramental wine, and in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Sigourney Weaver's Masha asks the housekeeper Cassandra to prepare “a salad nicoise, an artichoke quiche.” She gets a tuna fish sandwich instead, so why not serve the salad and quiche now?

The characters in Kinky Boots are British, which certainly calls for a jolly good plate of fish and chips, and the cheerleaders in Bring It On need protein, so snack on a Luna bar. In A Christmas Story, the family enjoys a duck dinner at a Chinese restaurant, so why not serve duck in their honor? And in Matilda, Bruce Bogtrotter defies the Trunchbull by stealing a piece of her delicious chocolate cake, so that dessert is the obvious choice (even without the excuse of Matilda).