Coming Home to New York with Venice: Matt Sax's Show Prepares for Public Theater Premiere

By Carey Purcell
25 May 2013

Another unique aspect of Venice's score is the fusion of different musical genres, which Sax, who lists musical theatre, hip-hop, rock and classical music as his inspirations, credits to his age.

"I think what is distinct about my generation is that ability to disregard genre lines," he said. "The way in which we are capable of following multiple impulses at one time, because of the technology that is available to us. The fact that my generation sees no distinction in those genre lines is something that I think is very reflective of the score of this show."

The lack of distinction between genre lines is visible in the score of Venice, Sax said, describing the score and method of storytelling as new and edgy but the story itself as having classic roots. 

"I think that is what makes the audience feel taken care of when they're watching this play," he said. "I think what was really important for us is that juxtaposition between the form and the content – feeling like we're telling a very classic and very global story set against very modern, current music and events."

By combining different themes and styles, Sax hopes that the combination of classic and modern in Venice will result in a new creation.

"I think what we're doing with this show is we're taking this impulse from Shakespeare, we're taking the impulse from modern current events, we're taking this musical style and hopefully putting it together to create something new," he said.

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