THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episodes 16-17, or "Give 'Em That Big Finish"

By Ben Rimalower
28 May 2013

Katharine McPhee and Jeremy Jordan
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Eileen, though, takes a couple of days off to remind herself there's a world besides Broadway, and goes to visit Nick in prison – only to learn he's been out for three weeks. Perhaps another TV program would explore Nick's not having called Eileen, but this is the series finale of "Smash"—and this is "Smash"—so Eileen finds Nick at work at a diner and brings him a tuxedo. He's her Tony Awards date. Boom. Next loose plot thread.

Karen tells Ivy about Derek's state. (At some point these two appear to have buried the hatchet again—perhaps that scene is on the cutting room floor as well? Music videos don't just make TV time for themselves, you know!) Ivy goes over to Derek's to try to help, but she doesn't get the chance to tell him she's pregnant.

Ana needs Karen's help. She's taking the Once tour and rescinding her lawyer's letter. They corner Derek at Table 46 and let him know he's off the hook once again, but Ana wants him to know he's a bad person and she knows it. More proselytizing, but at least it's not Karen! Ivy hears the whole thing. Derek is finally ready to talk to her, but she's on Ana's side.

Julia meets Frank at a diner. She finally comes clean about the exact timeline of her Michael Swift affair and what it meant in context of their marriage. They finally seem to find some peace in separation.

Meanwhile, Karen convinces Jimmy to take a night off from performing (since he's sick) and gives him a ticket to watch the show. He loves it and is so filled with pride, he even apologizes to Julia. Jimmy asks her to accept Kyle's Tony if Kyle wins, because he doesn't plan to be there (we seem Jimmy giving up the loft, but we don't know yet where's he's going or why). Julia tells him to stop sabotaging himself. This is his moment and he's got to take it! Jimmy heeds Julia's advice and shows up as planned to take Karen (dressed like a pink Evita Peron) to the Tonys. He even has an extra ticket (Kyle's) so Ana can come.