Anthony Rapp, Kerrigan-Lowdermilk, Natalie Joy Johnson and More Will Take Part in 2013 NYMF Concerts and Special Events

By Michael Gioia
30 May 2013


Alice Unraveled
Book, music and lyrics by Kelly Izzo
"Struggling to find her identity in a new high school, Alice is cast 'down the rabbit hole' into the fragmented, chaotic world of her mind. Alice must distinguish reality from dream in order to move forward, in this new musical with a pop-rock, electronica score."

The Bootlegger and the Rabbi's Daughter
Book and lyrics by Tajlei Levis; music by John Mercurio
"It's 1920 – New York City has gone Dry and there's money to be made by anyone who can get hold of some hooch. When an enterprising Italian immigrant discovers a synagogue full of sacramental wine, he convinces the Rabbi to take him on as a yeshiva student. It’s the perfect cover for monetizing the Manischevitz – until he falls for the Rabbi's daughter."

Book by Jacey Powers; music by Adam Spiegel; lyrics by Dan Wolpow
"Wally Waterman, a brilliant but arrogant young physicist, is hard at work creating a human teleporter when he accidentally clones himself. What happens when two giant, identical egos collide? Havoc and hilarity, naturally, in this musical farce."

The Crack In The Ceiling
Book, music and lyrics by James Harvey
"Ellen, a distraught single mother, discovers a crack in her kitchen ceiling – and no one seems to be able to repair it. As a bizarre series of handymen, plumbers, and spiritual healers try to solve the problem, Ellen finds that more than her home is at risk: her family and her sanity are increasingly put to the test in this dark musical comedy."

The Crazy Ones
Book by Alexander Pototsky; music and lyrics by Zack Zadek
"In 1982, Steve Jobs was on top of the world, and his company – Apple – was the most important in Silicon Valley. But as the war for personal computing ignites, Steve suffers a sudden fall from grace and is forced to face his wild bipolarity, his crippling fear of abandonment, and the family he pretended he didn't have, in order to return from the bottom and leave the legacy he always dreamed of."

The Gingerbread Pimp
Book and lyrics by Molly Reynolds; music by Will Collyer
"Aspiring Broadway actress Coco thinks she's found her perfect match in romantic leading man Charlie. But when things take an unexpected turn, she descends into a very real and dangerous world of jealousy and extreme control. Can Coco reclaim her life…or is it too late? A wry, unflinching look at the inner workings of emotional abuse, with a captivating pop-rock score."

Madame Walker and the Divine Dream
Book and lyrics by Steve Mackes; music by Joseph Vernon Banks
"On the eve of their 1921 company convention, the associates of America's first black millionaire businesswoman gather to pay tribute to their deceased leader. As they re-enact the supposed divine dream that led to Madame Walker's miracle hair formula, it remains to be seen whether or not her own daughter, Leila, will put their financial differences in the past and show up to pay her respects."

Perfect Mothers
Book by Pam Lobley; music by TIna DeVaron
"When a town's Most Beloved First-Grade Teacher is replaced by biker-chick Miss Grace, four concerned mothers go on the warpath. Their desire to make everything right for their children quickly makes everything go wrong. Can they find the line between mother and monster?"

Rose Petals
Book and lyrics by Sarah Rebell; music by Elizabeth Hagstedt
"When plucky debutante Maude becomes pregnant, her mother will go to any lengths to maintain the family's precarious place in the society of Gilded Age New York. Will the ensuing scandals, schemes, and slander tear the family apart?"

Searching for Romeo
Book, music and lyrics by Brian Sutton
"After her high school boyfriend dumps her, modern-day Roz somehow finds herself in fair Shakespearian Verona, as Romeo's girlfriend Rosaline. She wanders into the balcony scene only to learn that she's been dumped again, before falling for another 'loser' – Juliet's rejected paramour, Paris. Can Rosaline and Paris achieve that which eludes Romeo and Juliet: a happy ending?"  Continued...