Ditching the Sweater Vest and Dancing on Tables, Matthew Morrison Readies to Get Up Close and Personal at 54 Below

By Carey Purcell
31 May 2013

Morrison has already released one single from the album, "It Don't Mean a Thing," which includes him scatting. To prepare for recording the song, he watched numerous videos of Ella Fitzgerald so he could learn to scat properly.

"That one took a little work," he said. "That's not natural for me. She does it so effortlessly. When it comes out of my mouth, it's not quite that effortless."

The effort Morrison put into recording his album and performing his concerts comes from his love for live performing, which he tries to do as much has he can during his breaks from filming "Glee."

"After all the stuff that I've done over my career and now being on a TV show for so long, I definitely have come to realize that theatre is where my heart is," he said. "It's where I love to be the most. I love that interaction with the live audience, and I miss it so much. I'm dying to get back onstage. We have small breaks from the show, and I'm trying to fill that time being onstage, doing this kind of music."

One of the stage roles Morrison said he would love to play is John Wilkes Booth in the Sondheim musical Assassins. When commenting on the darker aspect of the role, he laughed and said, "I know. I love it."

Having already sung onstage in Italian for The Light in the Piazza, Morrison said he would take the chance of singing in another language again, saying, "Let's get some German, some French — I'll sing in any language."

When he takes the stage at 54 Below, Morrison will not be wearing Mr. Schuester's trademark sweater vest; instead, he said he will wear vintage-inspired clothing that evokes the era of the music he will be singing. And, he won't be acting like Mr. Schuester either; despite the stage at 54 Below being smaller than the average Broadway stage, Morrison said he might dance.

"Honestly, I will dance anywhere," he said. "I might dance on some tables. We'll see what happens."

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Marissa Jaret Winokur and Matthew Morrison in Hairspray
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