Playbill Poll: Readers Pick New Categories for Tony Awards

By Carey Purcell
07 Jun 2013


Jen Lau: best backstage crew [make-up artists, stage hands, dressers, etc.] they are also unsung heroes that ensure the actors are able to perform at their best.

We see the magic onstage, but what about the people who create it, behind the curtain? An award to recognize the behind-the-scenes team was another popular suggestion.

mecheeze: Best orchestra. The pit doesn't get enough credit!

Showing even more love for the music on Broadway, this was a popular suggestion as well.

Vicki Boston: How about BEST SONG? Yes BEST SCORE IS great. But BEST SONG too.
jhbonline: best original song

Who doesn't want to see more musical performances at the Tony Awards?  Continued...