Playbill Poll: Readers Pick New Categories for Tony Awards

By Carey Purcell
07 Jun 2013

Daisy Eagan and Alison Fraser in The Secret Garden.
Photo by Bob Marshak


Hannah Schutzler: Best child actor
RyanSandy42: best child actor! nominees including Lilla Crawford, the matilda girls, the Kinky Boots boys, etc.

This musicals Annie, A Christmas Story and Matilda all feature youthful casts on Broadway. The youngest winners in Tony history are Frankie Michaels (Mame), age 10, and Daisy Eagan (The Secret Garden), age 11. If an entire category was created for child performers, what should the cutoff age be? And, would we have to move the ceremony to an earlier time slot, so they don't stay up too late?  Continued...